Six word Saturday


What a year for blossom trees!

Like this cluster of pinkness!

Great clusters of pinkness!

I never tire of seeing them overhead

That almost take your breath away

So delicate yet so profuse

So delicate and yet so profuse

The darker pinks, more sparing of their favours

The darker pinks are a little more restrained

But happy to flirt with their showy neighbours

But happy to flirt with their showier neighbours!

Such a heady wash of colour

I never tire of looking up

Restful white

There are still a few delicate, restful whites around

And even a flash of black and white

And even a flash of black with the white!

Aren't the black ones just gorgeous?

Aren’t the little black ones simply gorgeous?

In a sea of colour

Just one more splash of colour!

I’ve gone a little blossom crazy because next week I go to Poland, and I know that when I come back they’ll mostly have vanished. Isn’t this the most beautiful time of year?

I won’t be posting 6WS next week, and I have just one more Monday walk to take before I’m gone. You can catch me there if you like, or even join in, if you have a walk you’d like to share.

Meantime, have a happy and colourful weekend, and don’t forget to visit Cate at Show My Face to post your Six word Saturday.




  1. Inspite of how we view how Spring is was or going … there is ALWAYS something out there to as you say gladden the heart Jo ! Gorgeous fluffy blossoms in pictures .
    These really are such sweet pinkness and delight .. and I’m not REALLY a pinky loving sort of person Lol … put it down to being called gingernut when I was much younger 😉 oh even just writing that has me back in the playground .. :-/
    You must be packing now … good luck … bet you don’t have to sit on your case to *close it nowadays far too well travelled 🙂
    Enjoy a wonderful time in Poland xx

    1. That golden red that’s fashionable now was no fun as a young un, Poppy, I guess 🙂
      Actually this is the first time in ages that we’ve needed a proper suitcase. Normally we’re hand luggage experts, but with wedding togs and clothes for possibly chilly mountains afterwards, a case it is. You’re right- I should go and do it! Many thanks 🙂

  2. Such beautiful blossoms, I love the pink fluffy ones that look like Martha Stewart pom poms made of tissue paper. You got to see little lambs, they are very cute and everything is so green, what a wonderful time of year. Enjoy your trip to Poland, I look forward to reading all about it. Travel safe Jo and have fun xo

    1. Hiya Sam! I’m so glad you popped up on here 🙂 I meant to visit yours and I haven’t yet made it, but I will now! I’m just writing my Monday walk before I go. Thank you so much. Take care! 🙂

  3. Wow = it sure is a brilliant spring for blossoms – and lambs … My friend in Switzerland sent pix of blossoms on steroids – seems it might be one of those years. I wonder what marvels you’ll come across in Poland this spring? Have a great trip. 🙂

    1. Migdalowa! But with the Polish ‘l’ which I can’t be bothered to chase the keyboard for, Meredith. Sounds like a ‘w’ 🙂 That’s the name for almond blossom. My cousin Jadzia has some lovely ones in her garden but I won’t be going there this year. Thanks! I’m getting butterflies thinking about it.

      1. Speaking of which – when I was at the creek yesterday with the dogs I went to pick up their ball and poked my eye with a small sharp branch sticking out from a tree (that I didn’t see). I MUST wear my glasses next time 😦

  4. Gorgeous Jo. I love blossom, though with the wind today I doubt there’ll be much left soon! I have just been enjoying the camellias, rhododendrons and magnolias in Cornwall. Didn’t see too much blossom though. Enjoy Poland, I look forward to your posts on return 🙂
    Jude xx

    1. My little rhodies in our back garden are pretty happy, Jude. It absolutely poured last night and there’s a fair amount of blossom on the paths but still quite a lot in the trees.
      No luck in Cornwall? I caught your comment somewhere else.

      1. A couple of possibilities, but still not getting the right house in the right location. Maybe I just want too much, but I don’t want to keep moving so need to get this right.

    1. Thanks, Jo 🙂 I thought they were lovely till I saw Cathy’s! That girl will keep outdoing me. That’s the last time I invite her to Portugal 🙂 🙂 You’d better come instead.

      1. Sorry Jo between your travels and mine I apparently am having a hard time keeping track of where folks are. At least i know where I am. 🙂

      2. I consider that an achievement, Sue. Not much point in knowing where I am and being lost yourself 🙂 But in case you did want to know, I’ve started in on the cheese and wine. The hell with the packing 🙂 Cheers!

  5. Absolutely beautiful Jo! Such lovely pinks and stunning captures. I do love those little lambs. I don’t see Mary anywhere. 😆

    1. The mother sheep were somewhat harassed, Sonel! The little fellas were leaping all over the place and demanding constant food. Typical youngsters 🙂

      1. Awwwww, how adorable. Bet they tired her out completely. They can be quite a handful when they’re so little. Just like youngsters yes. LOL!

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