Six word Saturday


Day trip to Glasgow- early start!

Isn't this a lovely Coat of Arms?

Isn’t this an amazing Coat of Arms?

Clyde Arc, or "Squinty Bridge"

Clyde Arc, or “Squinty Bridge”

Kelvingrove Art Museum

Kelvingrove Art Museum

Amazing what you can find on Wikipedia, isn’t it?  Big thanks to them for all of these images.  I hope to see these and much more, but I don’t know what time I’ll get back.  I probably won’t be able to link to Cate at Show My Face early doors, but hope to catch up later.

Don’t forget to find six words for Saturday, will you?  Have a great day!




  1. So happy that you came home all exhausted and with sore feet … because that is what Glasgow is all about. Just a brilliant city and as you say .. so different to the regal city of Edinburgh, it has pulse and life.

  2. Hi Jo, I was JUST reading an article about Glasgow and how it’s really coming into its own. If I can find story, I’ll send you the link. You made the right choice in hopping the train – wet or dry, it sounds fabulous. I’m glad you were able to tell us about it!

    1. Brilliant day, Cathy 🙂 Bit soggy, but that’s ok- I’m used! 4 and a half hours each way, on the coach. Car would be quicker but this way I didn’t inconvenience anyone but me 🙂 Really needed much more time as we were only there 4 and a half hours. Spending today catching up on chores then it’ll be ‘Monday walk’ time 🙂 Have a great day! You’ll be out walking? I’ll catch yours later. The ironing beckons. 😦

      1. It looks like it was a lovely day, Jo. Yesterday it poured rain here all day, so I didn’t get out for my walk. But I hope today will be nicer and I can get out. I’ll post a short one about a walk I took on Sunday though. Have fun with your ironing!! 🙂

  3. Love that coat of arms – explanation please when you’re home! And I do home you have lots of Art Nouveau/ Art Deco architecture for me. ❤
    Jude xx

  4. Have a lovely time, Jo! I’m planning our trip to Scotland in August; we’re thinking about skipping Glasgow and only visit Edinburgh on the way to the Highlands. Maybe this is a mistake, you make think now… 🙂
    Warm greetings, Dina

  5. Have a great day Jo. I’m up there at the end of the month and the Dali painting is top of my list. I hope the Scottish weather is kind to you!

  6. Oh lucky you Jo … Kelvingrove Art Gallery is a must .. if you see nothing else Dali ‘s Christ on the Cross is a very powerful painting.
    Funnily enough BB is off up to Glasgow tomorrow for a couple of days don’t think he’ll be visiting Art Galleries Lol
    Have a really great day !

    1. I’m cross with myself now, Poppy! It was raining quite hard when I left the Sauchiehall St. Willow Tea Rooms and the waitress said it was a long walk so I headed down to the river instead! And still got soaked and footsore. I’m pretty sure I’m going back though. 4 and a half hours was impossible, but I loved what I saw. 🙂

  7. What an interesting contrast between the two photos from the same city! Fun post, Jo. Makes me think about Scotland! I was there for a week once a LONG time ago. I’ve always thought it would be fun to go back and stay there until I can pick up a proper Scottish burr. It’s lovely to listen to.

    1. I’d never been to Glasgow, Naomi, always bypassing it on my way to the West Coast. I was surprised at how different it is from Edinburgh, but I still loved it. 🙂

      1. Bless you- I wondered how RJ got there! I was doing the Abbott and Costello head scratching 🙂 Nice to know I’ve got a good fairy. Many thanks, Viv.

  8. I just love that coat of arms Jo. Absolutely stunning! Lovely post! I love Wikipedia. 🙂
    How is the weather there? Luckily it cleared up here today and hope to hear the same there. Have a fun day! 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

    1. I saw your comment just before I set out but I’m back now, still in a different time zone. 🙂 After travelling all that distance today, it doesn’t seem right somehow. Exhausted but happy!

  9. buon giorno cara Giovanna, sto per uscire, ma ho visto che hai appena pubblicato e volevo solo faqrti un piccolo saluto, sperando che la tua spalla stia meglio, tornerò con calma a vedere i tuoi post recenti
    un abbraccio

    1. Ventis, I see you have another stunningly lovely post! I didn’t have time to read it properly tonight so I will return tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for your lovely visit! Happy weekend 🙂

      1. grazie dei complimenti Giovanna! come vedi sono tornata con calma, mi piace apprezzare le tue grandi foto
        quel ponte è davvero attraente, e quel grande palazzo severo e maestoso

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