A little side trip to Spain


I never like to have things hanging about in my ‘Drafts folder’.  I’m not an organised, scheduling sort of person though, heaven knows, it would be an improvement!   But this little side trip keeps smiling sadly at me from it’s lonely position in there.  Unfinished, until now.  So, with a flourish, let me present Ayamonte.

Remember my kings, strolling through the streets of Vila Real de S. Antonio on the Algarve’s eastern edge?  They were smiling and throwing sweets to their loyal subjects, as any good king should at Epiphany.  And then they boarded the ferry for Ayamonte, in Spain.  Just 10 minutes on the ferry, but a lifetime apart culturally and in temperament.

Ayamonte, seen from the ferry, is a simple whitewashed Spanish town.  At close quarters it reveals its medieval side in narrow streets and historical buildings.  This is Huelva province, and there is no shortage of Andalucian flamboyance.

The approach, by ferry

The approach, by ferry

Such pretty tiles around the fountain

Such pretty tiles around the fountain

Life is so colourful

Life is so colourful

Even under a cloudy January sky

Even under a cloudy January sky

The bronze dome pierces the clouds

The bronze dome pierces the clouds

I love the colour and the tiles yet it always surprises me how very different Ayamonte feels from Portugal, just a wave away, across the water.  The road bridge over the River Guadiana now links the two, for speedy access, but I prefer a gentler approach to the culture change.

A canal runs away from the Guadiana, around the old side of town and past a park at which I don’t look too closely.  There are animals caged there in an environment I would never choose for them.  A new boardwalk has been laid and there is an air that the town is thriving.  Not the case in much of Spain, nor Portugal, for that matter.

Beyond the canal, the older side of town

Beyond the canal, in the distance, the older side of town

And so I’ve had my little flirt with flamenco.  Back on the ferry now, and home to Portugal (and those crazy, likeable kings).




  1. There’s a link to one of my several Barcelona posts in the Glasgow walk, Sherri. If that isn’t a city to love, I don’t know what is! But then you shouldn’t miss Sevilla, Cordoba or Granada either. The list goes on 🙂 Many thanks for your time this morning. I should be out walking but the weather’s still dreary so I’m catching up on all kinds.


  2. What a great side-trip Jo! I’m just catching up now, hence the late response to it but would you believe that I have never been to mainland Spain? Not sure why, just one of those strange things. Even my boys have and my husband but not me (or my daughter but she is young!) It’s the only country in Europe, just about, that I’ve never visited and long to. I love the fountain and all the coloured tiles everywhere. Very Spanish, as I imagine it, and yes, another added to the ever-growing list! The architecture fascinates me – that, and the food! Thanks for sharing another great travel post Jo 🙂


  3. i mosaici Moreschi e modernizzazione della Spagna Sono davvero magnifici e tu ne hai Fatto Una bella Scelta, Quei colori Sono davvero Festosi, sembrano ONU inno alla Bellezza dell’arte e della vita!

    Mosaici moreschi e Spagna moderna sono veramente belli e hai fatto una buona scelta, quei colori sono di festa, in realtà sembrano un inno alla bellezza dell’arte e della vita!


  4. i mosaici moreschi e moderni della Spagna sono davvero magnifici e tu ne hai fatto una bella scelta, quei colori sono davvero festosi, sembrano un inno alla bellezza dell’arte e della vita!

    Moorish mosaics and modern Spain are really beautiful and you’ve made a good choice, those colors are festive, really seem to a hymn to the beauty of art and of life!

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    1. I love sky shots, Debbie. Yesterday I was out really early to go to Glasgow for the day and I still couldn’t resist some sky shots on my walk into town 🙂


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