Jo’s Monday walk : Along the Clyde

Underneath the arches

Underneath the arches

It’s Monday again and you know I’m bursting to share a little of Saturday’s day trip to Glasgow, don’t you?

Now you may think that it’s a long way to go to take a walk, but if I tell you that the four and a half hour coach trip in each direction was totally worth it… well, I wouldn’t disagree if you thought I was crazy.  It’s a city that I’ve wanted to see for many years and the opportunity just never comes up.  So, I made it happen.

What a city!  Despite leaky grey skies I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Perhaps because of the switchback of streets and the endless vistas, or maybe the feistiness, it reminded me in many ways of Barcelona.  And that was truly a love affair.  Glasgow architecture was an exhilarating mix.  I’m a long-time fan of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and I managed a fascinating glimpse into his world, but I’m going to start you off gently.

I hope you have a sturdy pair of shoes (I ruined mine!) and a waterproof with you.  It’s another wet one!  Straight down the hill from Buchanan Bus Station I came upon George’s Square, where quite a vocal gathering was taking place.  I told you they were feisty!

Gladstone knew a thing or two about debate, too!  And stormy weather.

Gladstone knew a thing or two about debate, too!  And stormy weather.

It was peaceful enough

It was peaceful enough

And well supported, despite the weather.

And well supported, despite the weather.

The lion was keeping a watchful eye

The lion was keeping a watchful eye

The locals have a sense of humour too!

While the locals maintained a sense of humour!

I nipped through the arches at the Royal Exchange and found myself on Buchanan St.  Shopping heaven, I’m led to believe, but today I’m on a mission to walk beside the Clyde.  The sound of pounding drums waylaid me for a while.

But the street life was compelling!

The street life was certainly compelling!

Rounding the corner I was on famous Sauchiehall St.  Striding along, I encountered the Willow Tea Rooms.  Pinch me, somebody- am I dreaming?  My first glimpse of Rennie Mackintosh.

The original tea rooms!

The original tea rooms!

A little butter for energy?

I succumbed to a little slice of whisky and sultana cake

An excuse for a peek at a Rennie Mackintosh building

Got to keep my strength up, and I needed an excuse to see inside

I was wondering if I had time for a tour of the Glasgow School of Art, just round the corner on Dalhousie St.  I stuck my head inside and gazed with longing.  As I stood, looking up, the door behind me swung open and cracked me on the head!  The young students were highly apologetic, but laughing too.  A stupid, but very understandable, place to stand.

This was just the entry way

Pain on the threshold!

I admired a plaque or two on the walls

But I soon recovered when I saw inside.

I had intended to follow Sauchiehall St. all the way to Kelvingrove Park and the Art Gallery, then down to the river, but the rain was quite persistent.  I don’t quite understand why squelching along the riverbank seemed a sensible option but I was determined to see the Clyde Arc.  The hill dropped away and I with it.

Splashing downhill, this building intrigued me.

Splashing downhill, this building surprised me.  It was to let!

And then I was on the river bank

And there I was, at the river bank.

I wasn’t totally alone but there weren’t too many misguided souls, I have to confess.  My shoes were feeling a bit squelchy and as I walked west, scanning the horizon for the Arc, I realised that the riverside walk was being renewed.  Diggers in lime green lay forlorn and abandoned in the rain.  As the traffic hurtled overhead on the M8, some swimmers brought a little smile.

Swimming might be a good idea

Something for  the builders to admire in their lunch hour

Or breathing clouds!

Is she breathing clouds?

But then I had my reward- a first glimpse of the Clyde Arc

But then I had my reward- a first glimpse of the Clyde Arc

A little soggy, but still, rather grand

A little soggy, but still, rather grand

The views beyond, even better!

The views beyond, even better!

Though these were a sad reminder of unhappy lives

But sad memories for some

At this point things went a little awry.  I had intended to cross the bridge and follow the opposite bank of the river back to the next bridge, but the footpath appeared to be barriered off.  Two cheery cyclists explained that the residents of this smart housing development at the water’s edge did not appreciate people wandering past.  I thought it a little selfish but I imagine they pay high rates for the view.

I looked at the path along the river bank and debated.  I could get back to the river around the estate or retrace my steps.  Best foot forward, you know the choice I made.   And it resulted in some interesting architecture along the way.

Kingston Halls- a former library, or functioning still?

Kingston Halls- a former library, or functioning still?

But I was relieved to see the bridge ahead

But I was relieved to see the bridge ahead

And to cross back over it

And to cross back over it

It's a beauty, isn't it?

It’s a beauty, isn’t it?

Looking back along the river

Looking back along the river

Under the railway bridge the reflections were epic!

While under the railway bridge the reflections were epic!

More bridges lay ahead and Palace Green with the People’s Palace, but I dare not walk too much further.  The coach departure was imminent.  Just time for a look at one more bridge then it was all the way back uphill to my start point.

A wistful look at one more bridge

A wistful look at one more bridge

Tiptoeing past the fiery tiger

And a tiptoe past a handsomely fiery tiger

Glasgow’s  graffiti was something else, and I have many more shots to share, but for now I expect you’re ready for a cuppa?

You know I love to walk but I could have wished for better weather.  I hope that if you take this walk someday you have sunshine, and the roadworks along the riverside will certainly be completed.  There’s so much to see!  A Tall Ship and the Science Centre- doesn’t that sound wonderful?  Of course, I could have used the hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus which departs from George Square, where we started.  There you are- you have an easy option.

Meantime I’m hoping you’ll find some photos of a walk that you can share with me.  I’m ready to sit back and admire.  Just post a link in my comments, or link a post to me.  Any way and any day you want to do it.  I’ll always find time for a walk.  I hope you enjoyed this one, and many thanks to everyone for sharing.

The shares for this week are below, starting with a stunner from Paula :


    1. Hi Sherri 🙂 That’s lovely of you. Thank you so much. Just come home from a ‘girl’s night’ so not at my best but I’m more than happy to come walking with you. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

      1. Hi Jo, just catching up after the weekend, which was a good one thanks and hope yours was too! Glad you recovered enough from your ‘girly’ night to join in the walk!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to join in with yours, I enjoyed it very much! 🙂

    1. It’s a long way down to the comments, Suze! So many people stop in to chat along the way. I should have a separate ‘chat room’ or restrict comments, but where would the fun be in that! (and where would I find the time?) Glad you found your whisky slice (but you don’t have to have the naughty butter too!) 🙂

  1. Jo, you have just captured the atmosphere of Glasgow in this post – in your images. Such a contradict city .. and so fun and lively – great shots along the Glyde – I stayed always at the Jury’s Inn .. on Jamacia Street … just where you was walking. Thanks for bring me back.
    I think I have to turn to Monondo … and look for a revisit. This is my Glasgow. Thank you so much.

    1. It’s a fantastic city, Vivi. I really need a weekend there sometime. I made it into The Lighthouse but no time for the Art School tour and House for an Art lover closed early too! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your walk with us. It has been too many years since I have visited Glasgow…it has changed tremendously. I would definitely loved to have had a slice of the whiskey and sultana cake…yum. BTW, your photo is absolutely wonderful. 🙂

    1. Cities do, Karen, don’t they? There was new architecture going up all over the place, but still lots of the old. Really, an exhilarating mix 🙂 (it could have been just a tiny bit drier?) Thank you so much for joining me.

  3. What a wonderful walk. I smiled at your leaky skies. We have had much the same here today and I didn’t venture out. I don’t have your sturdy endurance, it seems . 😉

    1. Monday was dreadful! I got gently drowned again in the afternoon 🙂 I’m not good at staying in but I can loose hours of my life at the laptop! Many thanks for your company.

      1. I was very glad to join you on your walk. I have been doing some family history and was intrigued to note that one of my great uncles, although born in New Zealand, had on his death certificate; native of Glasgow. I didn’t know that our family was so attached to Glasgow. More research required!

    1. Have you been to ‘The Lighthouse’, Viv? Loved seeing the detailed models. Really wanted to see ‘House for an Art Lover’ but it closed at 1.30 so there was no way. Definitely merits another trip but I have no idea when.

    1. I seem to take the weather with me, David. I’m sure there’s a cue for a song in there somewhere? 🙂 Narrowly avoided the rain at Saltburn this morning (could be a hint for next Monday’s but I’m undecided yet) but it was beautiful and bright (mostly).

  4. It’s always fun going on your lovely walks Jo and you’ve captured it all so perfectly hon. Grey skies or not. Thanks for sharing. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

    1. Probably not your kind of place, Sonel, but I loved the sheer exuberance of it! Nice to have some contrast in your life. Thanks hon. Clear skies here -at last! 🙂 Hugs!

      1. And I guess by that you mean about too many people being around, then you are right..hehehe and that is why I love my virtual visits. On Saturday there were some tourists that were on their way to the party boat and I took some shots of them but afterwards I had a hell of a migraine. Glad to hear the weather is better hon. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

  5. I enjoyed walking with you through Glasgow, it’s been 15 years since I was there and it was such a short visit. The city looks different to what I remember but then we didn’t get to explore much at all. I do remember hugging the lion sculpture 🙂

    1. Aww! That’s a nice image, Sam. You hugging Leo 🙂 He was a little damp I’m sad to say. Amazing what you can see in a few hours but so much more to see!

  6. Oh Jo, wonderful post. I thoroughly love Glasgow and I’m so glad you got to go. It holds a very special place in my heart because James grew up in its Sister City – Glasgow, Kentucky, USA, so I know that it produces fabulous people. 🙂 I worked with several museums in the area and it was such a lovely experience. Your photos are great with words to match. ~Terri

  7. What a great walk you’ve taken us on Jo . I’ve only visited a couple of times and have never got down to the river but … so worth it .. soggy or not .
    Splendid pictures which give a lovely slant to a Glasgow perhaps many wouldn’t know about.
    It’s going to be busy come the Commonwealth Games !

    1. I’m jealous of a couple of times, Poppy 🙂 Aside from getting scarily lost and almost ending up on the motorway (not fit to be let out- my husband never knows if I’ll find my way home! Bad news for a wanderer 🙂 ) I had the best few hours! Thanks a lot 🙂

  8. Jo – I love the way the photos flow with your hand chosen words – in fact, the simple – and sometimes densely rich words you choose is what really makes your walk come alive (for me that is).

    like that you “succumbed” to the snack – and then a cool photo with all that butter – or the tiptoe past the tiger – O_o – and then a photo with not just the art – but some of the windows and foreground – which at times a crop is fine, but by not cropping it said so much more – and added to the smile I felt with the tiptoe past it (ha!)

    and well, I like how these posts come in on a Monday too – perfect for the start of a new week and is a joy.

    1. I’m quite a loner when it comes to travel, Gem. Mick simply doesn’t have my endurance or the same level of interest. He’d rather watch National Geographic! If I overdo it, which I usually do, I only have myself to blame.
      Then Sunday was spent catching up because my son was home with washing, etc and Dad came for lunch. More relaxed today. Did you get out at the weekend? 🙂 I hope so.

      1. Met some friends for lunch. People I grew up with. We meet half way and annoy whichever waitress is unlucky enough to get our table! Four hours later, we leave a good tip. 😉
        Sunday spent taking mom for a much need ride outdoors. She’s been in forever! Finally warm enough to stick her nose out the door. Yesterday. NOT TODAY!! Rainy and cold. Blah!

  9. I admire your dedication in going to all this trouble for us Jo, do you have a free bus pass? My OH has one, but I won’t get mine for several years now they keep changing the pension age! By then I expect they’ll have abolished them 😦 Hope they don’t ‘cos I aim to find new routes all the time!

    Lovely walk along the river and the bridges, but the best for me has to be the tea-room – what gorgeous ladder-backed chairs (I can just get a peep) and the banister and the exterior. Now I’m drooling, and some of that has to do with the whisky fruit cake too… Yummy!
    Jude xx

    1. I do, actually, Jude, and as I neared the Clyde Arc I considered catching a bus back, but on the one way system it wasn’t too obvious where to catch a return. Knowing me I’d end up in Motherwell, or some such 🙂 Anyway, that’d be cheating!
      The butter arrived in a neat little pack on the side of the plate and I considered leaving it there, but it was melting a bit and I didn’t want to be wasteful. Smirk! Jude. ‘The Lighthouse’ was to die for! I drowned in Rennie Mackintosh!!!

  10. What a fun outing, Jo, with lots to see, despite the rain, gray skies, and squelchy shoes! I love the bridges and the lion guard. The street art is fun too. Sorry you got cracked in the head! That’s quite a long trip for just one day. You didn’t want to stay overnight? xxx

    1. I would have loved to stay overnight, Cathy! Then I could have fit in some of the museums and Rennie Mackintosh houses. Google ‘House for an art lover’! It closed at 1.30 and I couldn’t get there in time. I did visit ‘The Lighthouse’ and that was fabulous! Lots more to come, Cathy.

      I’m a skinflint. It cost me £18 for the day. By the time I added in a hotel and I’d have had to go by train or a different coach company. I want to talk Michael into a couple of days up there (it’s only about 2 and a half hours by car), but you know what it’s like.

      1. Yes, I know what it’s like, Jo! Did Mick go with you on this trip, or did you go with a friend? You’ll definitely have to go again sometime, by car. And spend the weekend. I’m sure there’s lots to see and do there, and it looks lovely. If it’s only 2 1/2 hours by car, it sounds as far as Philadelphia is from me. I keep wanting to go there but I’m also too cheap; don’t want to spend the night, but I don’t want to feel rushed either. What a dilemma. I have to get there soon. Maybe in April?? Sarah turns 30 this month. 🙂

      2. It was a solo expedition, Cathy 🙂 I did think to ask a friend but I had an agenda of what I wanted to see in my limited time and company might not have felt the same. I can’t imagine many loonies plodging along by the river with me 🙂
        You thinking of some sort of treat for Sarah?

  11. That is a grand tour, Jo! 4 and half hours, my shoes are wet, but I love the walk 🙂 The first shot, WoW!!! My Monday walk is coming… 🙂

    1. I intended to walk more of the riverside stretch, Elaine, but time and weather conspired. They’re obviously spending time and money on the riverside with the Commonwealth Games in mind. I did get into ‘The Lighthouse’ to look at some Rennie Mackintosh design and absolutely loved that but I’d love to have done ‘House for an art lover’. It’s a super city 🙂

      1. I haven’t been to the Lighthouse, which I keep meaning to go to, because I love Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s work. I really must try and take some time to see it as a tourist some day – especially when a lot has been done because of the Commonwealth Games.

  12. What a breathtaking tour of a city I have yet to visit. Your photos are stunning and I was quite out of breath and a more than a little soggy by the end of your post. That whisky and sultana cake looks scrumptious, especially with half a pound of butter melting on top. 🙂

    1. D’you know, I almost resisted the butter as it sat there in its little tidy pack, Ad. Then I thought, the hell with it 🙂 Thank you! It was a pleasure to play tour guide.

      1. well I am now on the feed for all your comments and replies with this post – and I find this post is still bringing me smiles – because the butter on the bread struck me too – and so when anotherday2paradise noted that – I laughed – because believe it or not – my husband uses even more – like double that amount! and we tease him at times – but how fun – and yum.

      2. I don’t follow the feeds, Yvette. I’m still working through the return visits to people who’ve commented, then I start on the ‘likers’ in my Inbox. I’d never sleep if I joined conversations too. Glad it’s bringing you smiles. 🙂

      3. yeah – well I only follow the comment feeds on “some” – and then only follow for “so” long – because then it gets to a point where I have to finally click “unsubscribe” – take a breath – and go about my way! lol O_o

  13. Nice to see the auld hame toon through the eyes of another. I’ll be back there tomorrow afternoon until Saturday so get ready for more Glasgow pics next week 😀

    1. They’re obviously sprucing it up for the Commonwealth Games with all the work by the riverside, but it’s a great city with a bit more ‘attitude’ than Edinburgh (though I love that too). Nice to observe the differences. I must go back for a day or two because I really wanted to visit more of the Rennie Mackintosh houses.
      Send me a link if I miss your post 🙂

      1. Well, all the modern work by the river was begun years ago as part of a Clyde regeneration programme before the games were awarded but some more run-down areas in the east of the city in particular have been done up with great new facilities and the athletes village. You can click on the widget on my blog to get email notifications if you want. Cheers Jo 😀

    1. Fabulous, Sue! I last saw the ‘changing’ about 5 years ago and my photos aren’t great. I would blame the wine but it may have been too early in the morning 🙂
      Another wet and dreary one here today but I went for a romp out this afternoon. More soggy shoes!

      1. I am beginning to think I was extraordinarily fortunate weather wise with my visit to the UK.
        Tough to get good photos while wrestling Jo. 🙂

  14. a terrific walk thanks Jo, glad to see you stopped at the Willow tea Rooms … we did too when we were there … your street views are great, and we did not see the river at all, so I really appreciate that! Loved the street art and interesting new buildings too …

    1. I saw so much more than this, Christine, but there’s only so much you can put in a post before eyes start to glaze, isn’t there? Got to think of the poor reader. I can go on and on! The Kelvingrove was a sad miss and I wish I had continued to walk that way but I wasn’t sure if I could get down to the river from there. Happy days! 🙂 I think I’ll be going back.

  15. Well now Jo, I’m drying my feet out and sitting down for a cuppa and have to say I found this walk around Glasgow with you fascinating. Firstly, having just commented on your Spanish post, I had Barcelona on my mind as that is where my middle boy went on a school trip some years ago and has been telling me ever since that I would love it. So, I never imagined that Glasgow would offer up some similarities! We’ve driven through it a couple of times but never stopped. I love the tiger graffiti and the murals. The architecture looks very interesting. Weather wise, just as it was when we were there but then, if we waited for the rain to stop we wouldn’t do anything! Great, atmospheric photos Jo 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sherri 🙂 As I said on Ayamonte I got quite carried away with posts on Barcelona. The same may well happen here, despite the weather. The murals were the best I’ve ever seen! 🙂

  16. I’ll be making a note of this one – hope to tag a wedding anniversary weekend in Glasgow to my week in Northumberland this September. Hopefully we’ll get some better weather, but I’ll be packing my waterproofs and umbrella just in case!

    1. I presume you’ve been to Edinburgh, Lucy? You’re so well-travelled I can’t remember. The two cities are so different. Not a kilt in sight! And yet uncanny similarities 🙂 I really liked Glasgow. Like Porto compared to Lisbon, I suppose. Definitely earthy 🙂

    1. Thanks for a good idea, Rich. I might slap it on their FB page. They can always delete if they don’t like it. Somebody, somewhere must want to give me a job in tourism? 🙂

    1. Ha! I wondered? Mine is the first one, I think. I loitered under those bridges for an unseemly amount of time. And now, I really must get dressed. Hope your week is better, Paula 🙂 Thanks again.

      1. You can! And very beautifully 🙂 It’s absolutely glorious, Paula, and thank you so much for your contribution. (and the blue skies) I love it. It was such a surprise this morning. Yesterday I had to work hard catching up on chores so my post was a little late going up. Very many thanks. It’s a privilege to have you here.

      2. 🙂 You are welcome 🙂 (just to be safe – you would not want to have your Monday walk associated with for example my visit of a zoo?) *hugs*

  17. Thanks for that Jo. I am in Edinburgh at the end of the month and hope to get across for a day. If the sun shines, I’ll show you some photos of how it might have been 🙂

  18. che atmosfera grandiosa hai saputo creare con queste foto!!!!!
    credo di essermi convinta di avere passeggiato con te per le strade di questa bella ed interessantissima città( con la sola differenza che a me non facevano male i piedi ha ha ha)
    sei davvero una grande artista, Jo, i tuoi occhi colgono particolari giusti per spiegare il senso dove guardare meglio
    scusa se sono un po’ in ritardo , ma sai che tanto arrivo!
    un grande abbraccio molto affettuoso

    great atmosphere that you have created with these pictures!!!!!
    I think that I convinced to have strolled along the streets of this beautiful and interesting city (except that I do not hurt your feet ha ha ha)
    you’re really a great artist, Jo, your eyes capture details to explain the direction where to look better
    Sorry if I’m a little late,
    a big hug very affectionate

    1. You are never too late for me, Ventis, and I so appreciate your mighty efforts in translating for me. You know we English are lazy! 🙂 I’m trying hard to get my Polish head on- just 3 weeks till my visit. Have a lovely week, cara. Hugs!

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