Six word Saturday


The case of the disappearing train!

Full steam ahead!

Full steam ahead!

Or just a bookcase?

Or simply a bookcase?

During the week I’m going to take you to a wonderful museum at Preston Park, in North Yorkshire.  Because it’s Saturday and I only have six words to describe it (smile!), I’ll just give you a little taster, like the Header above.

A perfect way to tell the time

A perfect way to tell the time!

Snuff anybody? No thanks, but the case is stunning.

Snuff anybody? No thanks, but isn’t the case stunning?

And of course, there are costumes.

And of course, there are costumes.

As I walked into the museum I looked at a “faux” bookcase- or so I thought!  I’d just turned away to the cabinets when, with a mighty roar, the steam train came clanking through.  Then disappeared just as suddenly, and all was still.

Yes, I’m still playing with Headers, but have rejected the “Random” option.  I like a little more control over how I look!  “Menus” aren’t much of an option either, as I’m only allowed one with this theme.

Do join us at Six word Saturday!  There’s always something going on, and Cate at Show My Face will be most happy to receive you.  Just click on the link or the logos.



  1. Hi Jo ~~ I think I will like your Yorkshire museum extravaganza. I might talk Mrs. Jim into reading it as we do want to take another side trip this time besides our usual to see friends in Northampton. I am so sorry I didn’t go to Brighton with them because I’ll never have that ‘recipe’ again.

    I like your new headers but I really did like your old one too. I envisioned that was within walking distance of where you live.

    1. Hi Jim! I didn’t “hop on the bus” for this one 🙂 My husband was travelling to Yarm (half hour by car) for work on Friday morning and he dropped me off there and picked me up afterwards. Not so easy to reach otherwise.
      I’m quite looking forward to writing the follow up. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. And you can’t go far wrong with the Yorkshire Moors 🙂

  2. Thanks for the museum tour, Jo. I’ve always loved looking at the costumes. Have you ever been to the Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.? I could spend days in there. Happy Weekend!

    1. Washington looks a fabulous place to explore overall, Jill, but no, I’ve never had the pleasure. Cathy (Catbird in Oman) is home again in North Virginia and has taken me on a number of photo tours. I’m at the relax end of Saturday. Hope you are too! 🙂

  3. It must have been wishful thinking but I read your post as ‘the case of the disappearing rain’

    Have you tried the featured image on your posts Jo? I used them on my previous theme and then every post had its own header (you can have a permanent header then at the top). Saves you having to change the header every post. And one menu is enough to create several category drop down lists – if you look at mine, those options at the top are from one menu only.

    1. I did try the featured image on mine, Jude, and didn’t much like it. I must investigate the Menu option properly. I haven’t really read up on it yet. Insufficient attention span and easily distracted 🙂

  4. Your new outlook is taking shape … and I like when you use one of posts photo as header too.
    Your teaser works fine on my …. Sweden is big snuff nation, both sexes – they say that you have never been proper kissed if you haven’t been kissed by a man that uses snuff. *laughing.
    Beautiful little box ..

      1. Snuffy hugs, no problem … but snuffy kisses, no way *laughing.
        You are doing a great job with your new “outlook” – have to check if I can have the same set up for my months of posting. Like the way you have it.

      2. Thanks, hon 🙂 I like changing the header with each post, but it’s not so good if you don’t see the post when it goes up because then the header doesn’t match. No worries!
        Sleep tight, Vivi. No bad dreams tonight!

    1. Thanks, AJ 🙂 The photo quality isn’t good in these but it was a fascinating museum. Some of my favourite exhibits were the sword guards. The craftsmanship was amazing.

    1. This one was renovated in 2012 and they’ve done a great job, Amy. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
      Chores done for the day, I’m glad to say 🙂 Hope you have something nice planned.

  5. You have me curious Jo! I am currently out of town and reader on a WordPress App on my tablet so all I see, as someone else mentioned, is the narrative and photos. Looking forward to seeing the reworks.

    1. You mean I’ve gone to all this trouble to make a lovely header for you, Sue, and you can’t see it? (smile) I’ll have to buy a tablet so I can view the effect myself 🙂

    1. I tried Random, Suze, but unless you have very neutral pics that’s even worse. But I’m quite happy messing about. The above is part of an ingenious “wine cooler” train. They knew about style in those days! (and the museum has a Victorian street)

  6. How funny about the train barreling through; I think I’d be a little flabbergasted! Looks like another fun outing. xxx (sorry, I can’t comment on your non random header bc I can’t see it very well on my iPhone. I’m in Richmond visiting Sarah now, so don’t have my computer). Have a good weekend, Jo. xxx

      1. No, I didn’t take many pictures this time, and you know with my blogging limit, I just keep getting further and further behind! I haven’t even finished with my California trip. Oh well, I wish I could blog without limit, but I have to focus, as you know. 🙂

    1. Yes, it was the Town Wall on the Headland. Well remembered, Richard 🙂 Glad I made an impression. It’s still in the sidebar on my Flickr link. No idea if you can see that on an iPhone? I don’t suppose so. Technology! 😦

      1. If I read blogs on my phone through the wordpress reader I only get the text and the photos of each individual blog with no colours or theme headers. I can see that if I click on the link to a blog though.

        I might start a petition to bring back that Town Wall!

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