Six word Saturday


The case of the disappearing train!

Full steam ahead!

Full steam ahead!

Or just a bookcase?

Or simply a bookcase?

During the week I’m going to take you to a wonderful museum at Preston Park, in North Yorkshire.  Because it’s Saturday and I only have six words to describe it (smile!), I’ll just give you a little taster, like the Header above.

A perfect way to tell the time

A perfect way to tell the time!

Snuff anybody? No thanks, but the case is stunning.

Snuff anybody? No thanks, but isn’t the case stunning?

And of course, there are costumes.

And of course, there are costumes.

As I walked into the museum I looked at a “faux” bookcase- or so I thought!  I’d just turned away to the cabinets when, with a mighty roar, the steam train came clanking through.  Then disappeared just as suddenly, and all was still.

Yes, I’m still playing with Headers, but have rejected the “Random” option.  I like a little more control over how I look!  “Menus” aren’t much of an option either, as I’m only allowed one with this theme.

Do join us at Six word Saturday!  There’s always something going on, and Cate at Show My Face will be most happy to receive you.  Just click on the link or the logos.



    1. It would be a wonderful place to spend a rainy day, Mr. B (like today). The clouds are rushing across the sky this morning but it’s still warm indoors 🙂 Many thanks for your lovely visit.


    1. Always, Paula! 🙂 Sometimes I have Saturday afternoon to myself but Sundays are always busy till around about now. Big sigh!
      Thank you 🙂 It’ll go with the next post too.


  1. Absolutely stunning Jo! That case and clock is beautiful! Great shots and post hon. Can’t wait for the tour. Can I have some wine this time please? LOL!


    1. Not as many as I would’ve liked, Sonel 🙂 Shooting into glass cabinets is tricky (unless you’re trying for a selfie of course). It’s a lovely place, as you will see. There’s a coffee shop- not so sure about the wine 😦


      1. Well you did a great job and yes, I know and just hate when that happens. I always stand sideways so it doesn’t catch my reflection. LOL!

        Oh shucks! But coffee will do fine as well. I love coffee! LOL!


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