More fun with windows!

The morning looked promising through my front window

The morning looked promising through my front window

Which was good, because I planned to travel up to Durham on the bus, to meet a friend for coffee.  After a brisk 20 minute walk, I was on board.

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My friend lives in the “New Inn” and works in Durham City, which has a goodly selection of coffee shops.  Unfortunately we have to cram all our news into her lunch hour, but it does leave me time to wander with the camera.  And you know how I love to do that.

  • I managed to capture a few windows and their reflection in the river

    I managed to capture a few windows, and their reflection in the River Wear

    That way I can claim double the amount of windows!

    That way I can claim double the amount of windows!

    A little gentle window shopping never comes in wrong either

    Time for a little gentle window shopping too

    Especially quirky ones, like this!

    Especially when I can find quirky ones, like this!

    I had intended to take a few more bus window shots on the way home.  Well, I was just getting in the groove!  But the bus windows were so filthy I could barely see out.  Perhaps it’s just as well.

  • I can’t seem to get out of the habit of of taking a Lingering look at Windows.  How about you?  I know Dawn loves them.  Are you joining her this week?


  1. The pictures are amazing! Refexiile perfectly immortalized! Very nice your trip. Thank you for sharing!
    Have a beautiful Sunday! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Divya 🙂 It’s been a hectic but very enjoyable week. The weekend will be quieter, once I get past zumba tomorrow morning 🙂 Hope you have something nice planned.

      1. Nothing wrong with saying that, I do sometimes, and people should think that you mean the original objects are nice, not one’s own photographic creation (if you get my drift)!!

    1. Always, Cathy! 🙂 And I bought a dress (!!!) in the Oxfam charity shop which will do brilliantly for the Polish wedding, AND a Michael Palin book about Hemingway. A really good day all round!

      1. Nice! I can’t believe you actually did some shopping. You must have happened upon just the right thing! Good you found a dress for the Polish wedding and a good book is always a marvelous thing! xxx

  2. Love this lively and creative post. A fun bus ride with our tour guide, Jo. 🙂 Lucky passengers. I like the sound of Mugwump and the storefronts are enticing but my favorite are the window reflections along the river.

  3. I love to take window’s pictures… and I loved your photographs and and I remember my bus trip in UK…. so beautiful, Thank you dear Johanna, have a nice weekend, love and hugs, nia

    1. Thanks, Nia 🙂 I have already had a wonderful day today, and it’s only lunch time! More lovely pics to come (I hope!) Have a lovely weekend too. I don’t know if your weather is better than the rest of Europe but there are certainly a few problems around. Take care 🙂

    1. Mine’s a bit like that, too! 🙂
      I’ve posted lots about Durham. This one was just a bit of fun. If you put Durham in the search box up by the header you might find something to interest you. Thanks for reading.

  4. Thank you for bring me with you on the bus – always nice with great company …. It makes the journey quicker and more enjoyable.
    When I saw the photo with the river I thought we were in Bath. A lovely little city (what I can see from your photos) – Durham. I learned while living in UK that anything with a cathedral is a city, doesn’t matter how big or small the place is. My favorite photo is the one from your window at home – with the sunrise.
    By the way – not one full day of sun over here jet – really getting on my mental status.
    A laundry day hug. *smile
    Mugwump – fantastic name on a classy fashion Boutique

    1. “Just hop on the bus, Gus, Make a new plan Stan, Don’t need to be coy Roy….”- I sing on the bus too, Vivi 🙂 Durham’s a great little city. Do you remember my green trompe l’oeul windows in a restaurant? It’s the same place. Only 20 mins by car but an hour on the bus, so I had to play with the camera.
      Thanks, hon. Happy Wash Day! Soapy hug!

      1. We now have a free pass on our buses for pensioners, between 8am and 3-30pm. Now we are carless we use it a lot. Also biking and walking a lot

    1. “A person who acts independently, particularly in a political context”, Sue. Not at all what you’d think, is it? Something to do with the Republicans in the States. I’d heard the expression but had no idea till I just Googled it. We love and learn 🙂

  5. You really are a whizz with windows, Jo! This is a terrific way to journey with you to Durham. Speaking of which – I love that shot of the Wear, with the castle in the background and the old city (with its modern outcroppings) – timeless (and beautifully composed). 🙂

  6. Double the windows huh! That’s a very clever trick 🙂
    You seem to be having our share of the sun up north – do you think we can have some back?
    J xx

    1. Just to cheer you up, Jude, it was bouncing with rain a little while ago 🙂 Strange though- I’m sure the country is tilting! The south is sinking under all that water and the north is getting higher.

      1. I was thinking earlier that the Somerset Levels really ought to change to growing rice and raising water buffalo! And now our reservoirs are so full that tons of water is overflowing and heading for the River Severn. Not good.

    1. I needed the company, Ad 🙂 Didn’t get a look at the price but it’s been in that window for a lot of weeks so it’s either not cheap or no-one else likes it (awww! 😦 )

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