Six word Saturday

6ws-participating-in-bannerSAD victim? Trying not to be!

Sad cloudThis is the time of year I dread, so I’m taking every opportunity to revel in light, beauty and colour.

Is anything as beautiful as a sunset?

Is anything as beautiful as a sunset?

And there’s always beauty to be found in flowers.  Click on an image and smile.

So, no reason to be SAD yet awhile.  Share your thoughts with Cate at Six word Saturday.  It’s a friendly place.



  1. Lovely sunsets 🙂
    Like you I hate the summer ending. Autum, although very pretty just signals everything dying, with only the cold damp winter to look forward to 😦

    1. Oh, don’t! I can’t even be bothered to do 6WS this morning 😦 To be fair that has more to do with alcohol than lack of sun- it was my turn to host our ladies night last night and when they’ve gone home I carry on drinking while I wash up, etc- mistake! The weather’s still making it’s mind up- promised mini heatwave? I have my doubts. Keep smiling, Vicky 🙂

  2. With your comments, the raindrops on the window in that small photo are very poignant It’s hard when you dread the oncoming season for what it’s done before. My adopted home here is notorious for endless dreary gray days through late fall and into spring. We’ve had a long reprieve and I too am anxious about what comes next. Restless, a but on the melancholy side, Jo sends missives out to the world, and they come back with smiles, and that does help. I guess the trick is to prevent it from taking over for too long – and the blog certainly can be good medicine.

    1. Many thanks, Lynn 🙂 Promoting smiles is one of the things I’ve tried to do since I first started blogging. The melancholy is mostly kept under wraps (as it should be)

  3. Awwww, this is so beautiful and this year I feel the same as you – I love autumn, but this year I wish summer would last a bit longer – all this crappy weather we have been having has cut it so short. I wonder if Corsica will live up to the accuweather forecast and greet me with 23 Celsius and sunshine :S

    1. No reason at ALL, Frizz. I’m not a native of Colorado. If I were I could be very sad. 😦

      By the way, is it permitted to take part in your A-Z’s with a late entry, or does it have to be within the week?

  4. Gorgeous sunsets you’ve captured Jo, I hope you have sunshine tomorrow but the light and colours of Autumn are pretty spectacular. Those flowers are beautiful too, I do love photos of flowers – wish I could smell the roses 🙂

  5. mi spiace per le tue lacrime, qui in Italia staremo ancora a sorridere per molto tempo… i colori del settembre sono bellissimi, ma anche quelli delle tue foto, ho molto apprezzato il papavero
    Sorry for your tears, here in Italy we’ll still smile for a long time … the colors of September are beautiful, but also those of your photos, I greatly appreciated the poppy
    Good night

    1. Buon giorno, Ventis 🙂 I’m smiling again this morning. There isn’t any point in tears (but I loved my little cloud logo). I’m hoping to go to the Algarve soon, then I can forget that Summer is over. I’ve seen Autumn colour on your blog and it’s fabulous 🙂 Here, too, it can be beautiful, when it isn’t spoilt by the rain. I should put on my wellies and go splash. Thanks for your kind words.

  6. Hi Jo ~~ “Pretty” pictures today!!! 🙂

    Since the rose has royalty it will stay my favorite here. It almost always wins my vote.

    I used to post most every day. But then I didn’t have many readers. The memes did me in and I had to sign up late so as not to have too many to answer. Wordless Wednesday and Ruby Tuesday would get big. Now I don’t have many that would even look daily and I post two or three times a week and those are memes.

    1. Thanks, Jim 🙂 I’m just about at my 2 years blogging anniversary and I feel at a bit of a crossroads. Maybe time to do something else, or do it differently, but I do love my blogging world.

  7. When I was first diagnosed with MS, light was too much for me, and gave me migraines. I wore sunglasses inside all day, and it helped me. But I have no advice to give for the opposite, except what you are already doing. You should have seen the breath-taking sunrise I wrote about on my blog on Friday. I was in too much of a hurry to snap a picture.

    1. Oh, shame, Mlissabeth! I believe there are lamps and such you can buy, but I don’t have it badly. More that I have a tendency to depression anyway. Sometimes even sunshine can’t help. Let’s keep smiling 🙂

      1. Know the feeling. Have fun and relax. Don’t worry about dropping it in… just don’t fall asleep. 😀 *hugs*

  8. That is how I feel around November. September and October in Minnesota are magnificent with perfect brilliant blue clear skies and changing colors. November is gray and dreary and then once winter comes it is all white and bright. April is not always nice either. Despite how cold it gets here, it usually is sunny thankfully. I don’t do well without the sun and could never live somewhere where it rains all the time. 🙂

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