Thursday : Lingering look at Windows- week 35

Saltburn cliff lift with its stained glass windows

Saltburn cliff lift with it’s stained glass windows

This is my third post about Saltburn-by-the-Sea in a week!  Something about “if a job’s worth doing” rings a bell. It is a charming town with a strong hint of Victoriana and quirkiness that has always appealed to me.  It’s situation on the North Yorkshire coast, overlooking Huntcliff Nab, is beautiful.  The cliff lift is the star attraction, and extremely useful if you don’t want to make the long haul up to the town from the beach.

If the cliff lift’s not in operation, a stroll through Valley Gardens will bring you back up to the town by a more leisurely (but still steep!) route.  After the recent floods you might need your wellies, but in Summer it’s a beautiful woodland stroll beside the tawny stream.  As a real treat the Prince Charles miniature steam train runs through the woods in the holiday season.  I had just missed it and it was safely stowed in the engine sheds, but I found these rather whimsical windows in the childrens’ wildlife-watching area.

Back on the cliff top, the town is full of grand old Victorian houses and a spattering of shops.  Maybe a little window shopping before you hunt out a cafe with a view?

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If you didn’t see my post about the yarn bombing on the pier, have a look at Six word Saturday.  The sea creatures are delightful and the views of Huntcliff Nab are pretty wonderful too.

Meantime, many thanks to Dawn at Lingering Visions.  I love writing posts about windows.  How about you?  Click on the link to see this week’s entries.



  1. Wonderful post Jo! Most of the places we go can not be contained in a single post. I am famous for that. (Famous as in figuratively, not literally). Tell us about this beautiful place until you have no more to say. We enjoy it each time!
    Cool windows too 😉

    1. Hi, Dawn. You’ve just reminded me that I haven’t snapped any windows so far this week. That must be a criminal offense! Might have to be archives this week 🙂
      Many thanks!

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