Weekly Photo Challenge : an unusual viewpoint

IMG_9301This is a first for me- a single photograph!  There is a good reason, as I will be posting more in Six word Saturday tomorrow, but this little mermaid seemed to fit the bill perfectly.  The view is of Huntcliff Nab at Saltburn-by-the Sea, another of North Yorkshire’s charming seaside resorts.  A tradition has grown up in recent years of festooning available railings with knitting.  Last year was, of course, the Royal Jubilee, but I was very taken with this year’s seaside theme, artistically draped along Saltburn pier.

I’ve written about Saltburn before, in a post called Secrets, which gives a little of  the area’s history.  Meantime, I hope you like my entry for this week’s Daily Post challenge.  Huntcliff Nab is beautiful in its own right but I love an Unusual Point of View.  Click on the link to view the other entries.


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