Six word Saturday


Challenges and Awards- part of blogging?

When you started blogging, did you have any idea what you were getting into?  I know I didn’t.  I simply wanted a vehicle to communicate my delight in the world, and if I’m honest, an audience.  I hadn’t at all realised that there were hoops to jump through, or how addictive these would be.

But it wasn’t too long before I happened upon my first challenge- Six word Saturday.  Though I have soundly abused it, I liked the notion, and when I started out, I really intended exactly that- just six words, with a few photographs, so you wouldn’t get bored.  Since then we’ve wandered the globe together, and taken a lot of words with us.

Remember the fountains in the Rynek in Wroclaw?

Remember the fountains in Wroclaw’s Rynek?  Click on the photo to see the post

Six word Saturday brought me a lot of new friends, and introduced me to a fascinating world beyond that of my travel addiction.  Writers, poets, photographers, cooks, craftmakers of kinds I didn’t even know existed- they’re all out there.  I discovered any number of A-Z Challenges, and used one of them to pin both my Portuguese and Polish sagas to.

When I found Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post, I was astounded at what he could do with graphics.  More than that, Jake gave me a peg to hang my photos and stories on.   And my addiction to photography and challenges began.

A Turkish gulet gliding across the bay

A Turkish gulet at sunset- again, the photo will take you to the post

I became aware of more and more Challenges out there, many of them photographic, and the quality of some of the photographs is staggering.  Off I went in hot pursuit, until my week was overflowing. Here are just a few I’ve taken part in.  Click on the photo to see the post.

Porta da Vila, Obidos

Porta da Vila, Obidos- from Thursday: Lingering look at windows

The boardwalk in Cabanas- from CBBH Photo Challenge

The boardwalk in Cabanas- from CBBH Photo Challenge

Flowerhead in the rain

Flowerhead in the rain- from Sonel’s Black and White photo challenge : Abstract

I've rarely seen a more extravagant door knocker

A door knocker in Silves- from Cee’s Fun Foto challenge

Old gold plays on Medieval architecture

Medieval architecture in Wroclaw- Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge : Colours

I have loved every second of compiling my posts, but occasionally I tire of being led around by the nose.  Rebellion strikes and I think “no, I don’t want to write about ‘rhubarb’ this week”.  I want to follow my own muse. (if you can call the unlucky lady that)  And so I do.

But I owe a debt of gratitude to the people who launch and host these challenges.  They provide huge inspiration as well as introductions to other blogs, and require a major commitment of time and effort.  So a big thank you to all those whose challenges I have participated in.

You’re wondering where Awards come into this, aren’t you?  Many times I have used Six word Saturday to introduce and appreciate new awards, and this week is no exception.  I have an Awards page and kind people out there keep bestowing them, but it just isn’t possible to keep up and still do all the things you want to do.  So I’ll simply say many thanks to Opalla for giving me Inner Peace, and to Colline, for a Super Sweet Blogger Award.  There’s a link to each of their great blogs in the logos below.


I guess I’ve exhausted my six words for this week, don’t you think?  You’d better follow the link to Cate at Show My Face to see exactly how the game should be played.  Many thanks for your patience.  Feel free to tell me about your favourite challenges and awards.


    1. It’s boring getting down to the Comments box? I’m sure there’s a way to reduce how many are visible but I keep forgetting to do it. If I have time I enjoy skim reading other people’s comments but it can be annoying? 🙂


  1. First of all congratulations to the awards … colorful as your entries to the challenges. You are a smart cookie that got everything into one post. Porta da Vila, wonderful photo – not much for photos of buildings really, except doors and windows … The boardwalk is wonderful too. Excellent choice and great photos.
    I have never understood this Six Word Saturday … people write loads .. so where does the six words come in. Sex on Saturday I understand much better. *laughing


      1. You used more than six words in your post ???? That I can’t get my head around.Same with other bloggers – six words and a full post. NO I stay out of that one. Stick with the photos.


      2. Sunny again today, Viveka 🙂
        Wedding anniversary too (24)
        Out with the camera this morning, then (maybe) a bouquet of flowers and a nice meal later.
        Keep those spirits high 🙂


      3. 24 years with the same man – you should have a medal *
        smile – if you had commited murder you would have been free by now *laughing. Only joking !!!! My warmest congratulations to you both of course. Amazing and I think it’s fantastic that some marriage make it – far too many ends in divorce.
        Camera on the go … looking forward to that. You have a fantastic day and I wish you all the best for tomorrow and all the days that follows.


    1. It’s years ago now (it’s our 24th wedding anniversary tomorrow and it was a late honeymoon) but the memories of those waters are still crystal clear, Tink. 🙂


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