Weekly Photo Challenge : One shot, two (or three) ways

There are lots of ways to tackle this week’s Daily Post photo challenge- showing a subject in two different ways.  I was never much good at the “less is more” philosophy, so one shot isn’t really on the cards for me.

Reeth has the most beautiful setting on the River Swale in the Yorkshire Dales.  The Swing Bridge made me smile.  It didn’t so much swing as wobble if you jiggled about on it a lot.

I wouldn’t jiggle too hard on this bit of rusty railing at the ferry terminal on Tavira Island in Portugal’s Algarve.  It’s just the salt air- I’m sure it’s safe!

Or you could take the little steam train out to Barril Beach.  When the tide’s in the salt marshes look their beautiful best.

Before, or after, you hit the beach there are nice restaurants to linger in.

Evening’s always a good time to return to Tavira.  The sun settles over the river, and the swifts dart and play.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When the lights go down you can often find a local celebration or Saint’s Day like this one at the Carmo, Tavira’s main church.  The service inside is broadcast on speakers, the priest’s beautiful voice soaring over the neighbourhood.

Did you enter the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge yet?  Come with me and we’ll check out some entries.


  1. Nice selection of photos, as always. I’ve never been to Portugal but your photos always make me think I should add it to my travel list. 🙂

  2. Hello Jo 🙂 I love your bridge takes :). Have you heard the latest news? No more B&W challenge. I am sorry i wont see your boats… Well, this Thursday I am starting a new non-challenge where the potential participants will have to post something they find inspiring – there are no themes, no rules, no nominating or presenting other people, just something to do on Thursdays.. I will be happy if you join. 😉

    1. Just went over to Sonel to see what you meant. I have been watching with concern as she doesn’t make it easy for herself, and there are health issues. I know you loved this challenge but at least you went out on a high 🙂
      I might do a final B & W post. It was half written in my head and I was going to play with it tonight anyway. I’m sure you’ll still see my boats and they’ll look so much better in glorious colour. 🙂
      Sounds like fun, Paula. I’ll watch out for it on Thursday. I’m going to my daughter’s on Friday and I think we’re co-hosting Polish family later this month, but you know I can always find time for inspiration. (especially yours 🙂 )

      1. Thank you, Jo 🙂 This is very nice to hear – that you will be posting boats in colour 🙂 and I will find a way to upload all the post I had ready for Sonel’s too :D. I am a bit concerned about her, it must not be easy to start such a thing and to abandon it so quickly. Someone must have really pushed her buttons and I know she is suffering from pains :(. Thank you for promising to check my new post on Thursday.. I will stop by to see your windows/doors 🙂 ttfn

  3. I’m partial to anything around water. Love the bridge. Being grown up now helps…as a child my parents would tell me that I would get on my hands and knees to cross a bridge or go out on a pier. Thank goodness they would scoop me up before I bloodied my self. 🙂

  4. Look like these are great places to spend a holiday. I love that they look peaceful, my kind of places to visit when I needed to be away from the hurried city life.

    The Carmo church reminded me of one of my favorite churches here.

    1. All of the photos except the first two are in the quieter eastern part of the Algarve. The town of Tavira has more than 22 churches and there are often celebrations going on, which is lovely. 🙂

    1. I forget that not everyone knows Tavira as well as me, Seonaid. It’s in the Eastern Algarve, which is much flatter than the rest. The salt marshes are beautiful and you mostly have to take a ferry to the beach (which I love to do).
      Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. It was part of a lovely riverside walk last week, Sonel, and I too loved the bridge.
      I’m off out walking with the group this morning so not so easy to take all the photos I want, but the sky is blue! (so far 🙂 ) Thanks, hon.

    1. Do you? I’m sure you can use them another time 🙂
      It was the first time I’d been that way. We did a 5 mile riverside walk last week and I got lucky with that shot.

    1. If I were a person of taste, Elisa, I would have stopped right there 🙂 It was part of a beautiful riverside walk I did last week and the heather is just turning purple on the tops of the dales. I love it! Big thanks 🙂

  5. yes, beautiful shots jo, i really enjoy all your variety … and the church is amazing … but i always loved swing bridges and the different angles show it off well!

    1. It’s my favourite, Gem, and I don’t know why I didn’t stop there. But, you know me- in for a penny, in for a pound 🙂 (dollar! Another of our quaint old English sayings)

    1. Thanks, Colline. You know I’m rubbish technically, but the landscape ones allow me to show a bigger size photo than horizontal. Not sure why that is, but if it’s a good shot you might as well maximise it? 🙂

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