Six word Saturday


From one Steampunk Event to another!

Isn’t life strange sometimes?  Last Sunday I was in Nottingham, in the wonderful company of my daughter, Lisa, and her role-playing friends.  I was attending a book launch for “Steampunk Apothecary”, an enchanting collection of jewellery and fantastical tales.  Emilly Ladybird (otherwise known as Jema Hewitt, and the chief bridesmaid at my daughter’s wedding, if you remember that far back) describes how to make these beautifully curvy pieces.

You could create blood red ruby earrings

Blood red ruby earrings- Jema demonstrates how to make them

Or how about the mermaids?

Or how about these curvaceous mermaids?

The balcony in the Malt Cross Cafe

The beautifully curved balcony in the Malt Cross Cafe

We were upstairs in the uniquely beautiful Malt Cross Cafe, a grade 2 listed building.  Emilly Ladybird was our gracious hostess, and naturally, there was cake!

Lisa, Emilly Ladybird and Claire

Lisa, Emilly Ladybird, Mr. Woppit and Claire

Mr. Woppit and cake

Mr. Woppit and cake

Lisa was keeping cool most elegantly

Lisa was keeping cool most elegantly

And posing, when requested, with her husband, Leo

And posing, when requested, with her husband, Leo

Imagine my surprise to learn, during the conversation, that this coming Sunday my hometown is to host its first ever Steampunk event!  Lynne and Richard Hardy, designers of the game “Cogs, Cakes and Swordsticks” will be appearing on board HMS Trincomalee in Hartlepool marina.  “Come and say hello” they said.

Sure enough, on my return home I found “Tiffin on the Trinc- a Steampunk convivial”, advertised locally.

Tiffin on board the Trinc poster

Tiffin on board the Trinc poster

What’s a girl to do?  It’s Father’s day so I’ll be cooking lunch first.  For more details of Jema’s fabulous work, and last Sunday’s fun, take a look at An extraordinary, but delicious, affair.  Tomorrow?  It won’t be the same without my gorgeous girl.

Got your six words ready for Saturday?  With thanks to Cate at Show My Face.  And I really can’t resist a “two for one” approach this week.  I’m submitting this to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge : Curves 

After all, what’s a corset without curves?


  1. Dear Jo, I was away and disconnected on Friday and Saturday and only did my challenge yesterday so I am apologizing for being late seeing your post. Your Lisa is gorgeous 🙂 Good for you to make two in one challenge 😉

    1. I was so glad I timed my visit for the book launch. I had a dreadful cold and didn’t feel at all good but it so cheered me up. Lisa is always good company. 🙂

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