Let’s make a splash!

Start the day with a zing!

Start the day with a zing!

I’m looking at greyness out of the window again, but I’m determined to see colour.  It’s Icelandic poppy time of year.  How fabulous are these?

So there you are.  Monday doesn’t have to be grey.

Have a good week!


      1. I don’t have tickets and I was reading about the process of waiting in line the day of. Not sure I want to do that. They suggest getting there hours before they open at 9am. Don’t want to camp out over night just in case I can grab a ticket. We do have tickets to the US Open, but there may be complications and we may have to cancel the trip. Fingers crossed we don’t.

      1. when a challenge comes out, we have all the time till the next challenge by the same challenger? I noticed that when I am even 2 days late, that my number of visitors drastically drops 😀

      2. Saturday will just work well for this one, I’m slow, and black and white isn’t a very appealing medium for me. (take those in no particular order, but you are entirely correct in your observations) 🙂

    1. There is a blue variety that I absolutely love, Tobyo, but I haven’t seen it lately. The “white” one is actually palest pink and quite stunning. Many thanks for all the likes. 🙂

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