Thursday- Lingering look at Windows- week 22

Where might I linger this week?  I’ll be getting myself talked about!  I believe I promised you some English windows.  Now, how to present them?

The glass-panelled arched ceiling of Malt Cross Cafe in Nottingham

The glass-panelled arched ceiling of Malt Cross Cafe in Nottingham

You know I spent the weekend in Nottingham?  The above was the venue for the book launch of “Steampunk Apothecary”.  If you want to see some of the antics, have a look at An extraordinary, but delicious, affair.

The Malt Cross Cafe is an historic grade 2 listed building and we were fortunate to have the use of the upper gallery.  Below, there’s a bar which sells delicious savouries.

Nottingham isn’t short on interesting venues, and windows.

Don't you love the light through this window in Nottingham's Newstead Abbey

Don’t you love the light through this window in Nottingham’s exquisite Newstead Abbey?

The previous weekend I was in Newcastle-on-Tyne and found myself very taken with these windows.  I think the building is currently being used just for office space, but at least it’s still there in all its glory.


England’s towns and cities have some of the loveliest windows you’ll ever see.

Did you stroll through my galleries?  We really must stop meeting like this.  It’s getting to be a habit.

So, what do you think?  Can England take on Poland and Portugal in the windows challenge?  Thanks Dawn for providing me with a little more fun this rain-soaked English day.

Don’t forget to check out the other Lingering Windows entries, and maybe participate?


  1. Pretty architectural details you’ve highlighted here, Jo. The unique, whimsical details are one characteristic of Europe that I appreciate very much. Here’s hoping you have some sunshine in your corner of Europe today!

  2. Filigree at Whitney Abbey and “Backs” in gorgeous green are my fave here but it’s hard to decide which post windows were best. I think, maybe, England. Maybe. But I just don’t know.
    Fabulous, Jo.

      1. Not sure where we’re going this year now, we’ve still got Cindy (mum’s dog) living with us.
        We’ve just come back from Dorset (blog to follow), but will be very much geared by the weather (three wet dogs in a confined space not recommended) and campsite rules (a lot have max two dogs). 😦

      1. I was wondering the same thing Jo as I we haven’t had a challenge from him for this week but I am sure it’s only because they moved and maybe he is having trouble with his internet connection. I do hope he is fine.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I’ve gone a little windows crazy. I was wandering round the house last night randomly framing windows. Who knows where this will lead? 🙂

  3. There are interesting and beautiful windows everywhere we visit. I am going to be more aware of them and photograph a few. Thanks for the awakening.

  4. The British always have had some spectacular window frames. And you have captured some of them beautifully. Are they more interesting than the ones in Poland or Portugal? I don’t know they all have beautiful window frames.

    1. So long as we all have windows, Munchow! 🙂 There are some beautiful ones in Munich on the challenge that you might be familiar with. Many thanks for taking the time to comment.

      1. You know, I was thinking of past holidays yesterday! Not sure that the photo collection is up to it, but I always enjoy a look over my shoulder. 🙂

    1. Paris apart (a long, long time ago) I’ve never had the opportunity to look at French windows, Viv. Except the variety that open out on the garden! 🙂
      You feeling any better?

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