Six word Saturday


How I like to display hellebores



They have such a pretty face, but they’re shy!  I love to snip the heads off and float them on a bowl of water, then I can openly admire these jewels of colour.  Especially when the weather is too cool and damp to venture into the garden.  They grow quite prolifically so they should last me a while.

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    1. They are lovely, Jem. I guess I assumed people would know them. I should have taken a photo of them outdoors to show how they normally appear, but it was pouring yesterday when I posted this.

  1. The hellebores are beautiful. I’m not acquainted with them at all, so it’s lovely to be introduced to them here.

  2. Lovely flowers! They look so pretty floating in the bowl of water! I am not familiar with them…so I will have to look them up online and read all about them. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. ooh very nice ………. bet you can guess what I’m going to ask …… can I paint one?!??!?! like the single flower shot best of the white one … if you wouldn’t mind?!??!

  4. Really pretty why to display … I do that with roses that has dropped their heads. Love Hellebores too – when I was up in Gothenburg a florist was selling beautiful strong samples in pots, but I don’t have a garden. Not that expensive and people where buying them like made. I took some close up shots of the flowers. So you and Viv are going to meet up next week .. how lovely – delight yourselfs, ladies.

    1. We are going to view a land sculpture called Northumberlandia on Wednesday, and hoping it doesn’t snow too much in the meantime. Viv’s daughter lives an hour or so north of us. Should be fun! Thank you.

    1. We have great clumps of them growing in our garden, Brenda, but they’re not so easy to enjoy because they mostly droop over (especially in the current wet!) so this works well.

  5. Jo – thank you so much for showing off your beautiful Hellebores. In my garden on the east coast of England, right next to the sea, I grew quite a collection of these beautiful shy blooms. What a joy it used to be to see the first ones pushing their little faces through the wet soil/snow and I knew, spring could not be too far away. This is now the time of year I do miss all this out here in India, although we have beautiful blooms too.

    1. I don’t buy too many household items, Madhu, but that bowl was just asking to be taken home. I’ve had it for years now, usually with pot pourrie or glass beads in but now and again I like the water effect.

  6. Hi Jo ~~ I’m thinking I’d like the hellebores on my table too. Would you loan me a pretty crystal dish to set them off? I wasn’t familiar with them,our climate must be too hot to sustain them

    We do similar table decorations here with the magnolia blossoms. The tree beside us has all white blooms, the kind Texas/Magnolias do.

    1. We only have a small round glass-topped table in the kitchen, Jim, so the flowers sit on my hearth. They’re ever so pretty but they bend right over so you can’t see them properly, especially in our current wet dreary weather. Oh for a warmer climate… I adore magnolias. They’re on their way but not flowering yet. We’ve never managed to keep one successfully in our garden.

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