Sunday Post : Natural Resources

This Sunday morning, as the rain sloshes down, I’m thinking that many people will be battling nature this weekend, as they watch the rising floodwater.  Jake has chosen Natural Resources as the subject of this week’s Sunday Post.  We are blessed with wonderful nature all around us, but I can’t help reflecting on how resourceful man has had to be in both harnessing and utilising nature.

The reservoir at Stanhope- a beauty spot for walking, guarantees water, should we ever have another drought!

The winter meltwater gushes over the weir at Grassington

The River Wear at Durham gets pretty full at times too

On a gentler day you can stroll over and beneath Durham’s bridges

Our woods and streams provide perfect picnic spots

For centuries we’ve been harvesting the crops and fields

Here come those clouds, but they won’t trouble the modern windmill

Whilst on our coasts, sea defences have become mandatory

And we have tamed the tide to provide a safe harbour

And a lovely marina to linger and admire

I’m sure you can think of many more instances.  The rain is easing and I hope the flood damage isn’t too severe this time.

It was a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning but now the Sunday lunch beckons.  Well, it will if I cook it first.  I’ll be back later to check out all the entries for Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post.  You too?  Don’t forget to click on the flying dragon or the links.


    1. Thanks, Madhu. We’re not doing too badly locally, but I’ve never seen so much water lying on the fields. Some of the nearby villages are flooded and it’s going to be a bit of a miserable run up to Christmas for some.

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