Sunday Post : Collectibles

Having just returned from Wrocław with over 300 photos, you could say that I collect photographs!  However it’s wonderful of Jake to unexpectedly present me with the opportunity to display some of them with his theme for this week, Collectibles.

My uncle Włodek lives in the Polish town of Zgorzelec, snuggled so closely to the border with Germany that it has a counterpart across the River Neisse, in Gorlitz.  The two are one, but divided by language and a boundary.  On Saturday morning when we went to explore this curiosity, it transpired that there was a large market in process, and the following caught my eye.

Don’t you love this pottery?

Or maybe this style?

With a tealight? Delicious!

Motyli – butterflies.  I don’t know what they are in German?

Something more for the garden?


Or maybe him? He’s looking pensive.


While the horse looks patiently on.

I have to confess, I love pottery and spent happy minutes just browsing.  When it comes to collecting, though, my real vice is postcards.  I filled a suitcase with them, and when it was overflowing, decided enough was enough.  But I still gaze longingly at postcard stands.

So much “stuff” we collect!  One of my nieces came back to England with me and we were looking in the local museum yesterday.  The teddy bear collection was everybody’s favourite.  Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear -what would life be without them?

Many thanks again to Jake for presenting yet another opportunity to share my world.  I’m late this week (for good reason) but maybe you’d like to join in next week?  The details are all on Jakesprinters home page.


  1. Fabulous collectibles Jo! Especially the pottery, I would be sorely tempted! But like you I restrict myself to postcards and photos of course 🙂


    1. Glad you liked my motyli (butterflies). I just realised that the Polish word is like our English “moths”. I learn something every day. Many thanks for finding time to visit.


  2. Hi Jo, love the photos. I have a Polish friend who collects pottery. When she visited from Michigan I took her down to the Pike Place Market to a store that specializes in it. I have not yet been to Poland. One of these days!


    1. It was a lovely surprise, Lynne. I had very little idea what to expect of Gorlitz but it proved to be a very pretty place and the market was a definite bonus.


  3. Oh, what a wonderful market! I’m a sucker for the Polish pottery (you saw my post on that a few months ago, Jo), but at least that’s a collectable that we use every day. 😉
    Post cards are a great idea–cheap and easily packed!


  4. I love pottery and your photos are wonderful. Now postcards are good collectible items, especially when they come from all over.



  5. lovely photos jo, i do love pottery, we used to have a pottery gallery in the 70’s so we still have quite a collection, most of which is used regularly 😀


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