Sunday Post : Solid

It needs to be quick thinking for Jakesprinter’s challenge this week, because, like the dragon, I’m up and gone tomorrow.  Solid is my subject matter, and as I hightailed it along the road to zumba class, I couldn’t stop the song, singing in my head.  You’ve guessed it!  “Solid as a rock”. (Ashford and Simpson, 1984)

Not even a song I particularly like, but it’s from my era, and it irresistibly draws me back to my Valuable post, completed for Jake’s challenge two weeks ago.  “Solid as a rock” describes how we would all like our partnerships to be.

This is my husband’s definition of an artistic shot?

Taken by him on the beach at Robin Hood’s Bay.

And this is mine. Spot the difference?

Where am I?  Madeira’s north coast, and that’s a pretty solid hunk of rock.

My brain makes strange connections sometimes, and as I marched on down the road, I found myself singing “The churches one foundation is Jesus Christ, Our Lord”.  Quietly, of course.  I’m not given to hymn singing, at full blast, in the street, though there are many worse things to do.

The foundation stone of many of our lives- can anything be more solid?

Igreja de Sao Joao Batista, Tomar

Monastery at Alcobaca

Convento do Christo, Tomar

Carmo Church, Tavira, at one of its many celebrations

Many thanks, as ever, to Jake, for giving us this opportunity to share our lives.  Please do join in the challenge.  Follow the link or click on the flying dragon for full details.  See you next time?


  1. I enjoyed both your version and that of your husband. They are both unique and beautiful in their own way. The solid rock is simple, masculine, kind of symbolize strength and the sea scape with the mountain, beautiful, gentle, calm. Thanks…


    1. Thanks lovely Nia. Sorry for my late reply, but you know I’ve been in Poland? I’ve brought a neice back to show her our home area so will be kept busy, but I’ll come and see you soon.


  2. Nothing wrong with hubbie’s shot Jo. Any true artist can see the ‘reclining, sacred Indian cow’ in that rock :o) Really like the framing in your ‘Convento do Christo, Tomar’


  3. Hi Jo…stones and rocks are the epitome of SOLID…perhaps that’s why all of those cathedrals, convents and monastaries are built using them. 🙂 Wonderfully inspiring photos all!!!!


  4. Your husband did good, very solid! “The foundation stone” was well said. I especially like the shot of the Convento do Christo. Thank you, Jo!


  5. I am sorry to tell you I actually like your husband’s shot, very artistic….and solid 🙂 But your church photos, particularly the rain washed (?) Alcobaca monastery are just gorgeous!


    1. I laughed at him for ages when he took it, and he called me a Phillistine! He was right, as usual!
      Yes, it was wet in Alcobaca, but a peaceful place and I loved the solidity of the monastery.


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