Six word Saturday

Just as promised, a few photos

The iconic Ratusz (Town Hall), in the Rynek (Market Square)

And in close up

Ooh, look Mum!

Such a pretty square, even on a grey day.

Look up! Look up!

Oh did my legs ache when I got to the top of St Elizabeth’s to take this for you!

And this!

The Cathedral on Ostrow Tumski

Yes, I climbed this one for you too!

That’s Dad sitting down there under the yellow umbrella at Jan Pawla 2 Hotel!

The Cathedral up close

Remember the magical bridge from my last 6WS? This is how it looks in close up!

A peaceful spot on the River Odra

And a rather more playful one! I tested out that lounger. It works just fine.

Still feeling playful? Delightful Plac Solny.

And some more children having a good time.

Remember the Polish Eagle? This one’s above a bank.

The Oratorium in the fabulous University buildings.

The ceilings are wonderful- and don’t miss Aula Leopoldina

The dancing fountains at the Centennial Park

My lovely niece, Basia- more about the gnomes later.

I really have to stop now, but I took well over 300 pictures of Wroclaw.  I think you’ll agree it was worth it?  Tempted to visit?  You should be.  Sadly I can’t lend you my wonderful family but I had a truly great time and can’t thank them enough.

I should also thank Cath of Show My Face for the opportunity of sharing these with you.  Six Words?  Not exactly, but if you follow the links you’ll get the idea, and maybe join in next week.  See you then?  The button below or my 6WS page will take you to more Saturday fun.


    1. Hi Andrew 🙂 I stayed with family and ate at home so can’t offer any tips on places to eat. Also it was summertime so riverside strolling and counting gnomes was a pleasure. You’ll probably have snow! But it’s a beautiful city. I especially enjoyed the University buildings and Aula Leopoldina for architecture. Panorama Raclawice was interesting. Ostrow Tumski, the island, has a lovely feel to it and of course the Rynek- the main square- is beautiful. If by any chance your weather is kind the Centennial Park is lovely- I don’t know if the fountains dance year round but the evening light show at weekends was lovely too. If I think of anything else, I’ll give you a shout. Or ask if there’s anything specific you want to know as I can find out.
      Transport is pretty easy, and cheap. 🙂


    1. Oh my aching legs! Couldn’t face the church tower on York Minster today, but will absolutely be climbing the steps to the Abbey at Whitby tomorrow Meg. Thank you!


    1. Thanks for staying in touch. There are apparently over 100 gnomes and a map is available so you can track them down. I’m a disappointment- I didn’t hunt for them all.


    1. Thanks Debbie. There was a 15 minute “performance” from the fountains every hour, and then on Friday and Saturday evenings an illuminated spectacular. I loved it!


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