Six word Saturday

60 years is a long time

Queen Elizabeth 2nd and Prince Philip – Coronation photo from Wikipedia

On 2nd June, 1953, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd took place.  She had already acceded to the throne in February 1952, on the death of her father, King George 6th, but the mourning period precluded any form of celebration.  When it finally took place, it was certainly an occasion to remember, and was the first coronation ever to be televised.  Norman Hartnell designed all the outfits for the Royal Family, and the Queen’s white silk gown was embroidered with the floral emblem of each of the countries of the then Commonwealth.

60 years on,  England is gearing up for a long weekend of celebration.  I guess we wrote the book on pomp and ceremony.  The water pageant scheduled to take place on the Thames should be truly spectacular.  Local hamlets and village halls are bedecked with bunting.  I’d like to wish everybody a joyful weekend, however they choose to celebrate, or even if they decide to ignore the whole thing.  Personally I’ll be in Hart Village for the lighting of the beacon, and fireworks afterwards.  At some point in the weekend I’ll probably have Coronation Chicken, a favourite of mine, but which I only recently realised was devised in honour of Elizabeth’s coronation.  And of course, I’ll be raising a glass (or two).

I’m trying to keep this post brief (sighs of relief all round) but it seems like a good time to share the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, passed on to me by Francine in Retirement.  What can I tell you about Francine that many of you don’t already know?  She’s a warm hearted lady who gently encourages each of us to fulfill our true potential.

I’ve shared more than enough about me in recent weeks, so intend simply to pass on this award to all the lovely ladies who are kind enough to follow my blog.  How empty would my life be without you!  Please follow the link to Francine’s blog for details, and take up the award as you wish.

It just remains for me to thank Cate of Show My Face for hosting Six word Saturday.  We’d love you to join in – the rules are simple.  I’ll be here again next week.  Take care till then, and have a happy Diamond Jubilee.


  1. 60 years seems long but she is a remarkable woman and will always be treasured. Congratulations for the award and for sharing it to others. You are an inspiration. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Wasn’t so sure I’d want to be there in person, looking at the weather Madhu, but it had great atmosphere. Glad you enjoyed. I loved Charles and Camilla sitting down to “tea” with eveybody in Picadilly too.

  2. Since I’m a Commonwealth member, I will definitely celebrate with you! Sounds like an event to witness in person though! (I love fireworks!)

  3. The Queen sure knows how to throw a party! I would love to see some of the celebration first-hand, but will settle for what I see in the news. Coronation chicken? I’ll have to look that up. Even though we’re over here in the states, my family would get a kick out of having that for dinner during the Queen’s Jubilee!

    1. I guess she’s had some practise, Elisa. (or her Social Secretary will have- wonder how many of those she’s worn out?)
      Coronation chicken is just a mildly curried dish (time of the Raj n all that?), often served with salads and very nice on jacket potatoes.

  4. Jo. I don’t get over here often enough!
    I love your blog and this post is wonderful… amazing to think she has been queen for 60 years — don’t think I would want to switch places with her for all the tea in china!

  5. Enjoy the celebrations. I know I will be watching on TV it’s all over the news here in the USA. Glad you accepted the award and passed it on. Thank you for your comments and the mention of my blog.


  6. I’ll be celebrating too, at a Jubilee dinner party at a friend’s house. The rest of the celebrations I will watch on TV as travelling into London, while just a short journey, will be very busy and will have no guarantee of a good view of anything!

  7. Ha ha we who live here in London are dreading the 875,000 visitors this weekend. I think I will stay home and watch Lizzie on my telly and raise a glass to her! I love the Royals, they do a fantastic job.
    Thanks for the award – I will come back and fetch it later to share too.

    1. TV is my only option, and a sight more comfortable and comprehensive than camping out by the Thames!

      Jo, this is a loyal post (as distinct from the loyal toast), and reminded me of where I was on coronation day. I shall add it to my 6-w-Saturday!

      1. I hesitated to add that I was 4 years old and didn’t have much recollection of the coronation Viv. Looking forward to reading yours.

    2. Yes, there’s always a downside. I would have felt the same when I was living in London. Looking at the weather at the minute I suspect home’s the place to be, but the atmosphere will be great. You’re welcome!

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