Jubilation in Elwick

I fully intended to go to the lighting of the beacon and firework display in my local village last night, but like many I was transfixed by the spectacle unfolding on TV.  To make amends this morning, I popped up to Elwick village to frolick with a few very tasteful scarecrows.  This is a yearly event, but was made special this year by a Diamond Jubilee theme.

The McOrville Inn on the village green.

No worries, he’s “off duty”.

Bit of a picnic before it rains again?

The prize winner- croquet on the green with the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit.

Queen Victoria sits rather sternly on a bench.

I love a Beefeater!

Hope Parky’s not about anywhere?

Cut and thrust at Balmoral?

A step back in time?

King Edward, keeping an eye on his potato patch.

Her Madge inspecting the garden

The Maid of Hearts- tart, anyone?

Gracious and graceful

Bit of a headache?  Too much celebrating, I expect.

We camped out for the Queen!

Sssh, the Pearly Queen’s having a snooze!

Off with her head!  Surely not, on this occasion.

Patriotic lupins standing to attention

Fresh herbs for your picnic, anyone?

Can’t have a royal occasion without a corgi.

One last look from the ostrich.

I’m still glued to the TV, waiting for the final royal wave from the balcony and the fly past.  I have to say that I’ve enjoyed every last minute of it.  Hope you have, too.


  1. What fun and celebration! Made for a lot of patriotic flag waving – good for you; it must have been a fantastic weekend in Britain. Only got some of it on TV here but looked like a great time to be English!


    1. Thanks Lynne. I’m normally glued to my laptop on an evening but on this occasion I could hardly keep my eyes off the telly. Our nearby villages really went to town and it made a great change not to have everybody scowling at the weather and each other.


    1. Thanks Ruth. It’s often hard to find a dry day to go and see them. Nothing more sad than a bedraggled, wet scarecrow! (except a bedraggled, wet Flat Ruthie, of course)


  2. Great fun! While I was out taking these Michael told me another village nearby also had a scarecrow fest this weekend, but I thought I’d better not go for overkill! Might have a peak before the week’s out though. (when Rafa’s not playing!)


  3. These are lovely pictures – and what a creative village – I love all these quirky British traditions! There are a few villages around our area that do this and as I drive past I think what on earth is he wearing until I get a bit closer and realise scarecrow festival has hit!


  4. This all seems so fun and festive. It’s nice to have a happy reason to come together and celebrate. Thank you for sharing!


  5. How fun! Croquet with the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit is my favourite, with Queen Victoria coming in a close second 🙂


  6. I’m happy. I’ve been waiting for someone to do something on the Queen’s Julibee. Thank you for posting these wondrful pictures. I’ve been glued to the TV as well and here she comes out on the balcony with family. Yea. Thanks for sharing. Gotta go and watch.



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