Wedding photos

I recently passed on the Kreativ Blogger award to Cath of lizzierosejewellery.  It was her first award and her delighted response was immediate.  One of the lovely things she shared about herself set me reminiscing.  She married at 19, and wore her mum’s wedding dress.  I would love to see a photo of Cath’s special occasion, and thinking of all the wonderful friends I’ve made in the blogging world, I thought that it would be fabulous to see photos of their wedding day too.

Me and Mick at St Luke’s Church, 12th August, 1989

The “little uns” are all grown now, some with families of their own

So I’ve started you off with mine. We had a wonderful day with family and friends.  Sadly some are no longer with us.  Mam lived just long enough to see me happily married and to hold her grandson, James.  She was always camera shy and you won’t see her here.  My Lisa inherited her curly hair.

Me and Mick

Confetti! My stepmum Laura is no longer with us.

Whoops- my “tiara” fell off! Lisa couldn’t help but laugh.

I love the black and whites.  I always enjoy looking back at my wedding photos.  I’m hoping you won’t disappoint me and I’ll get a chance to look at yours too.  Good idea?  Everybody loves a wedding.


  1. Sweet photos, and so fun to remember. It might be a little why, but I will post a wedding photo for sure. Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for sharing these lovely memories.


    1. I look at where we are now and am amazed at how many years have rolled by. Still in the same place, but maybe a tiny bit wiser. He still can make me smile.


    1. Thank you so much. Are you joining in with a link or a post? Of course, I don’t know if you’re married? Don’t want to lose a friend before we’ve even started!


    1. Ah but you’re still happy pootling and that’s the main thing. Ours was done pretty cheaply, using our local pub for the reception. We’d courted 17 years so I guess it deserved some kind of celebration!


      1. definitely, we had only been together a few years … but when i met S I knew he was the one I would settle down with 🙂 glad you had your celebration, a day to remember!


  2. You are so beautiful and wonderful wedding photographs… Thank you for sharing with us, Blessing and Happiness to you both with your lovers and families. Love, nia


  3. It’s good to re-live the memories by looking at old photos, and I want to thank you for sharing your wedding photos Jo.
    Unfortunately, the few we had, we lost in flood damage many years ago, so 15 years ago, we took our vows again, but I’m not brave enough to show them on here!


    1. Thanks Kat. As I pressed the “Publish” button I couldn’t decide whether I was being purely foolhardy with this post, but then, what’s to lose, so long as it’s not friends.


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