Star Wars

Thursday’s Special : Robotic


I really wasn’t planning to post this at all, and nothing could be further removed from my recent highly genteel walk at Newstead Abbey, could it? One of the highlights of my Christmas was a trip to the cinema to see the new Star Wars movie, in the company of my husband and son.  I loved it!

I had already been introduced to BB8 on Christmas morning, when this small but endearing creature was rocking and rolling around my kitchen floor.  An unexpected present to my son.  Brings out the child in all of us!  Elegant though she may be, my daughter was always a Star Wars fan too, and I have fond memories of taking her to the cinema, all those years ago.

What triggered this post?  Why Paula, of course!  You know Thursday’s Special.

Sunday Post : Famous movies

Jakesprinter’s theme of Motion Pictures this week had me dipping into the memory banks, not to mention an old photograph album or two.  That’s always a pleasurable experience, so thank you, Jake.  Now, as the song goes, “Let me entertain you”.

As far back as I can remember, there have been Star Wars films.  My daughter loved them with a passion, and I have to admit, I found Han Solo’s brusque style quite compelling.  Nineteen years later when my son came along (yes, it was a bit of a gap) the Star Wars saga was still unfolding, and trips to the cinema became a regular feature.

My daughter married and left home, but was always pleased to be able to entertain her baby brother.  So it was that, one Easter, they were both to be found in our garden, transforming paste eggs into Star Wars characters.  It’s an image that never fails to make me smile.

When James was a little older, a Sorrento based holiday gave us the opportunity to catch the train (another passion!) north to the Caserta Palace.  The reason?  Nothing to do with the fabulous Baroque architecture of this 18th century palace.  Oh no!  James wanted to hide from the Storm Troopers in the spacious palace grounds, and possibly help rescue Queen Amidala.  I confess to looking furtively over my shoulder as I mounted the iconic staircase.

Caserta Palace- from Wikipedia Commons

The Caserta Palace was used for filming in Star Wars Episode 1 : Phantom Menace, and then in Star Wars Episode 2 : Attack of the Clone Wars.  I’m sure we had some photos of the Palace somewhere.  Maybe the Storm Troopers confiscated them?

Thanks Jake!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the movies with you.  I wonder what next week’s Sunday Post challenge will bring?  To join in, follow the link or click on Jake’s dragon logo.