Thursday’s Special : Robotic


I really wasn’t planning to post this at all, and nothing could be further removed from my recent highly genteel walk at Newstead Abbey, could it? One of the highlights of my Christmas was a trip to the cinema to see the new Star Wars movie, in the company of my husband and son.  I loved it!

I had already been introduced to BB8 on Christmas morning, when this small but endearing creature was rocking and rolling around my kitchen floor.  An unexpected present to my son.  Brings out the child in all of us!  Elegant though she may be, my daughter was always a Star Wars fan too, and I have fond memories of taking her to the cinema, all those years ago.

What triggered this post?  Why Paula, of course!  You know Thursday’s Special.


  1. This is so funny! Why? Because my munchkin found the bottom part of that toy at the playground this weekend. I couldn’t figure out if it was a ball for a pet or a kid. When shaken there’s a rattling sound inside hence my confusion.

    I’m not into star wars so this would have been in my house until my kid or dog figured out how to destroy it, with none of us knowing what it really was. To us it’s just a funny looking ball. Hahaha. Puzzle solved! 😀


  2. I wouldn’t mind to have a personal robot to send for errands ( kind of drone, perhaps) beside cleaning the house and cooking…..
    Up to now I only own a round object wich goes alone around the room and try to imitate a Hoover …..

    Yours is formidable , cute and photogenic!


  3. I haven’t seen the newest Star Wars movie yet. I flew in to our Christmas gathering place in another state only to find that my grandchildren and most of my children had already seen it. Maybe my sister will go with me later. I’m glad to hear you liked it.


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