Plac Solny

The gnomes have it!

Professor, Pl. Uniwersytecki

Cute little guy, isn’t he?  He’s a “krasnal”- one of a series of about 150 gnomes, some of whom I photographed on my recent trip to Wrocław.  He was appropriately situated outside the University Buildings- a work of art if ever I saw one.  Now there’s a place to study!

Entrance Hall at the University

The Oratorium

OTT? Yes, but stunning!

I had read about the gnomes somewhere, and was half determined to ignore them, but I failed miserably.  Before I knew it I’d purchased the 6 złoty guide (just over £1) and was off in hot pursuit.

Ball-pushing and ball-lifting Sisyphus

These two got the ball rolling (sorry!), on ul. Świdnicka.  This rather bad-tempered looking walker was there too.  But then, you’d be grumpy if someone splashed your beard with red paint!

Walking enthusiast/ health lover!

Still on ul. Świdnicka, any guesses what this handsome fellow is doing?

Florian- he’s a chimney sweep!

By now I’ve drifted into the Rynek, where I get a warm welcome from this little chap.

Friendly, or Well-wisher

Refusing to be distracted by the fountains, I move on to Plac Solny.  I was tempted by the deck chairs, but there were more pressing matters.

A wall of water in the Rynek

Plac Solny, decked out for Summer

No luck in Solny- I’ll have to backtrack later, but ul. sw. Elzbiety yielded this little guy, fast asleep, and the firemen with hoses, trying to wake him up?



Found the butcher next, and his little chopper, on ul. Jatki.  No worries for the pigs and goat.  They were bigger than him.


Ulica Jatki

And now we’re back at the University, where the Swordsman tries to protect himself with an umbrella!  Very foolish!  He’s been stolen twice.

The Swordsman

Taking time off from gnomes, I head for the Botanic Gardens, but I have to shelter in the greenhouses when it rains.

Don’t know which cactus, but it’s very pretty

Wouldn’t you know it?  I escape the rain and am accosted by gardener gnomes.

Gardeners in the Botanic Garden

Wrocław is a city with lots of water.  The River Odra flows though it and there’s also a system of canals.  Walking along Podwale is a peaceful option, and there’s a delightful park bordering it.  Of course, there are gnomes too.

Water gnomes, by the Theatre

Odd Guy, representing the Odd Fellows and a “helping hand”

Checking out the shops, I find a burglar gnome!  Turns out he’s an art lover.

Antiquarian, Plac Kosciuski

And there are useful gnomes too.


Dispensers- “old style” cash dispensing

Economist, checking the flow of money

But one little chap pulled at my heart strings.  He couldn’t even pop in for a cup of coffee.

The prisoner, in his pretty jail

These fellows have their own website and of course, a Facebook page so you can follow their exploits.  Their origins are explained on the site, but basically they are beloved of the Polish people for their association with anti-communism.  The first of the gnomes in bronze statuette form was Papa Krasnal, sculpted in 2001.  Today he’s happy to pose with my Dad, and niece Kasia, who lives in Wrocław.

Papa Krasnal- the first of the gnomes

I only managed to see about 30 gnomes, so it’s obvious I’ll have to go back.  Can you blame me?


Six word Saturday

Just as promised, a few photos

The iconic Ratusz (Town Hall), in the Rynek (Market Square)

And in close up

Ooh, look Mum!

Such a pretty square, even on a grey day.

Look up! Look up!

Oh did my legs ache when I got to the top of St Elizabeth’s to take this for you!

And this!

The Cathedral on Ostrow Tumski

Yes, I climbed this one for you too!

That’s Dad sitting down there under the yellow umbrella at Jan Pawla 2 Hotel!

The Cathedral up close

Remember the magical bridge from my last 6WS? This is how it looks in close up!

A peaceful spot on the River Odra

And a rather more playful one! I tested out that lounger. It works just fine.

Still feeling playful? Delightful Plac Solny.

And some more children having a good time.

Remember the Polish Eagle? This one’s above a bank.

The Oratorium in the fabulous University buildings.

The ceilings are wonderful- and don’t miss Aula Leopoldina

The dancing fountains at the Centennial Park

My lovely niece, Basia- more about the gnomes later.

I really have to stop now, but I took well over 300 pictures of Wroclaw.  I think you’ll agree it was worth it?  Tempted to visit?  You should be.  Sadly I can’t lend you my wonderful family but I had a truly great time and can’t thank them enough.

I should also thank Cath of Show My Face for the opportunity of sharing these with you.  Six Words?  Not exactly, but if you follow the links you’ll get the idea, and maybe join in next week.  See you then?  The button below or my 6WS page will take you to more Saturday fun.