Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post : Bay


A Turkish gulet gliding across the bay

A Turkish gulet gliding across the bay

It seems like most of my life I’ve been admiring bays.  I can get lost in this photo, which was taken by my husband on our honeymoon, oh, so many years ago.  I’m tempted to go and dig out the photo albums and meander around a Greek Island or two, but this is Jake’s challenge for the Sunday Post this week.  I’ll never make it in time if I wander off down Memory Lane.

The slideshow runs when you click on the first photo.

We have some wonderful bays with pebbly beaches, remnants of our mining heritage, just up the road from here.  I planned to take the camera along after lunch, but it’s bouncing with rain.  I guess I’ll stick to memories, and the other entries on the Sunday Post.  I’m sure to find some beautiful bays there.

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Six Word Saturday

 Donkey jacket,

woods and

Robin Hood!

What a week!  One minute it was cold enough for a donkey jacket, the next I was sweltering on the beach at magnificent Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Yorkshire coast.  I hadn’t been there for many years so it was a rare treat to see it in all it’s Spring finery.

Weatherwise we’ve had everything in between too, but clambering through the woods in the good company of my rambling friends was a highlight.

What’s the Robin Hood connection, I asked myself?  Apparently it’s pirate related.  No surprise that, for this neck of the woods.  Seems he encountered French pirates pillaging the village, captured them and returned the loot to the villagers.  It’s just a legend of course, but it seems to’ve stuck.

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