Six Word Saturday

 Donkey jacket,

woods and

Robin Hood!

What a week!  One minute it was cold enough for a donkey jacket, the next I was sweltering on the beach at magnificent Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Yorkshire coast.  I hadn’t been there for many years so it was a rare treat to see it in all it’s Spring finery.

Weatherwise we’ve had everything in between too, but clambering through the woods in the good company of my rambling friends was a highlight.

What’s the Robin Hood connection, I asked myself?  Apparently it’s pirate related.  No surprise that, for this neck of the woods.  Seems he encountered French pirates pillaging the village, captured them and returned the loot to the villagers.  It’s just a legend of course, but it seems to’ve stuck.

More happy wanderings next week on  You’re welcome to join me, or indeed to join in yourself.  Just follow the link or click on the header.


  1. Of course silly me, left my comment for this awesome post about Robin Hood’s Bay on your next post! I have to get used to blogs that have the comments on the top!


  2. Getting very frustrated because I’m having trouble posting comments on WordPress blogs and using my Blogger address. This is my second attempt and Ive discovered I have to use my Facebook account – not sure why.
    Your six words confused, your pics delighted and then your final words made everything make sense


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