What’s Up, Doc?

And so to the last of my Gaudi buildings. You had a peep inside Casa Milá (La Pedrera) on Silent Sunday yesterday, but it is the Warrior Rooftop which is truly spectacular. Scroll down the above link to catch a glimpse of the Butterfly and Flower Courtyards, and of the Gaudi exhibition in the attic. You might recognise the photo below, which would make a good brown for Jude’s Colours. I’m not sure about the warriors- a sort of beigey-brown? You can find a full history of the building in the La Pedrera section of the link. And an open top bus is a great way to see Barcelona.



  1. What a treat I’ve had with your links. I am ashamed to say I had no idea of how much Gaudi had done in Barcelona, I’ve wandered through, looked at the main things and then, I imagine, spent a lot of time sitting at cafes and strolling down the Ramblas enjoying the sunshine. I must admit I’m not great at going into buildings, and that includes churches, as I want to be outside all the time, but I love the outside of most places and the feel of the streets. I’m glad you were there to get all these pictures for me to enjoy at my leisure!


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