Follow up

If ever I return to Barcelona it will be a priority to book a tour at Hospital de Sant Pau, Doménech i Montaner’s other famous work and a UNESCO World Heritage site. When I was there the building was behind screens and in the process of being restored. Now a functioning space as well as a formidable work of art, the following video is in Spanish, but I’m sure you’ll still appreciate it. The link above contains information about visits, for the future, of course. Meantime we can fly high with Becky.



  1. Quite amazing – though no one wants to be sick in a hospital you can’t help think that those soaring ceilings and arches would help lift the mood. The spaces and decoration are just beautiful – and the modern part is so open and airy. Thanks for showing the video!


  2. i can see why you have this on the list to visit if you go back – and i know they have to restore these places but hate it when it is during our visit !
    and the video did show a lot of the old mixed with the new

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    1. It’s a wonderful modern facility now, which I hadn’t really understood at the time, as well as being fabulous original buildings. It was miserable looking at it from behind corrugated walls, but what a find, Yvette! 🙂 🙂

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