Six word Saturday

Coffee, cake, his/hers- your choice?

I’ve spent a lot of time, just lately, up on the roof terrace.  Sue prompted me to share a cup of coffee and a book.  Debbie followed suit, with her usual flair.  And in our house, well, a little cake seldom comes amiss…  Why not join the party on Six Word Saturday!


A cup of coffee and a book

I have been intrigued by Sue’s series A Cup of Coffee and a Book.  They are both things that I am seldom without when I’m at home.  It’s hotting up in my part of the world and a shady corner is becoming essential.  Sue is far more talented with her camera than me and has managed to include herself in some of the images.  When Debbie joined in, I knew I had to have a go.  Both ladies are an inspiration.  Take a look!