Beautiful black and white

I’ve always loved cloisters, and these at the Nacional Museu do Azulejo in Lisbon are no exception. A seemingly unremarkable building, in a distinctly obscure area, it is well worth seeking out the former convent for the treasures within. Azulejos are normally blue and white but I’ve tweaked them a little. I think it makes you notice the details more.

Jude is a fan of cherubs too. She’s encouraging us to play about with black and white this week, for its story telling possibilities. It can take you back to another era. Was it only last year we visited Aveiro?

The Grand Canal at Aveiro
The Art Deco Museum in Aveiro

The last shot isn’t mine. We were outside another museum- an unexpected treasure, and a bit of fun.

2020 Photo Challenge #48


  1. The black and white sharpens the details so much – really helps you SEE what you are looking at! But then we have more black and white receptors than color receptors in our retina..


  2. Very special, Jo. I’m not a huge fan of angels, cherubs and the like, but I always appreciate them within artistic settings. There’s something very appealing about these. And the black and white somehow adds to the “age” of the architecture. Beautiful!


  3. So sorry to read about your friend in the comments, Jo. Makes a person realize how blessed s/he is just to be alive and healthy enough to complain about Covid restrictions, doesn’t it? I enjoyed the B&W photos, but I would enjoy them even more in color, I think. πŸ™‚ That being said, notice that I’d enjoy them either way, my friend. Happy weekend.



    1. Thanks, Janet. A sad day! I have no idea how his wife is coping. She has friends staying with her but no family that I know of.
      There is a link in the reply to one of the earliest comments- to Margaret- which takes you to my visit to the tile museum, in full colour. You’ve probably seen it before. Have a good weekend too πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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