Beautiful black and white

I’ve always loved cloisters, and these at the Nacional Museu do Azulejo in Lisbon are no exception. A seemingly unremarkable building, in a distinctly obscure area, it is well worth seeking out the former convent for the treasures within. Azulejos are normally blue and white but I’ve tweaked them a little. I think it makes you notice the details more.

Jude is a fan of cherubs too. She’s encouraging us to play about with black and white this week, for its story telling possibilities. It can take you back to another era. Was it only last year we visited Aveiro?

The Grand Canal at Aveiro
The Art Deco Museum in Aveiro

The last shot isn’t mine. We were outside another museum- an unexpected treasure, and a bit of fun.

2020 Photo Challenge #48


  1. These are fantastic photos, Jo! I loved seeing beautiful canals of Aveiro among them. It’s one of my favourite places in Portugal. Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ˜€ Aiva


  2. Blue and white I think is a stunning combination …. in anything.
    With the US being so young, we really don’t have anything like this around where I live. We are only 170s old for the most part. Gorgeous photos πŸ˜€


  3. Hi Jo
    Like the black and white and like the art!
    Ending with the Art Deco doors at that Musuem
    Shows us how times change – the tile and architecture leading up to that made for a nice post – and is that you in the final photo ?


  4. Jo although I am not a big fan typically of taking photos in black and white, I can very much see how the details are far more noticeable doing so. We loved our time in Lisbon and Portugal in general. One day we hope to return for more exploring , and of course the Algarve!

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  5. Hard to explain, but we look at things with different eyes if they are black and white.
    I think of some black and white movies that have been colored. And I always think, “Why did they go and ruin a good movie?”


  6. I do like cherubs and cloisters and love the B&W versions. Also love the shapes in your last photo and is that a fleeting glimpse of your lovely self? Thank you for having a play with the format, I know you are very much a colour person β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’œ


    1. What’s a girl gonna do? Yes- me, of course A bit wet and wild these next couple of days but I had arranged lunch with friends, to repossess a brolly I inadvertently left at theirs on Monday. We are all in this together, but Jude- the sombre news- the life support is about to be turned off on our lovely Norwegian friend. How can it have come to this, in a matter of weeks? Safe? There is no such place.


      1. Oh, that’s dreadful news Jo. I’m so sorry. Has he family over there? We went out for lunch today, very quiet, but OH a bit anxious as he has barely left the house in months. At least we are in tier 1 here, for now, but I suspect there will be an influx of holiday makers from tomorrow.


      2. Where is the point in being anxious? If the bullet has your name on it… I went to a Portuguese class and cried for him. 67 years old! We ate out too, and laughed at ourselves. One of us has early onset Alzheimers. Is there a good way to go?


  7. I admire your efforts at ‘tweaking’ Jo, but ever since I saw a programme on how colorising can bring very old black and white photos to life, I am aware of the disadvantages in black and white photography – especially digital. I find digital black and white lacks the sharpness and precision of the former ‘proper’ film – especially slides – but even with film, that pop of colour brings everything so much alive. I clicked on your link to the Museum and they showed the azuelos in the way I prefer. An interesting exercise, nonetheless. Hope your weather continues fair for the rest of the month. We are lucky here, lots of rain yesterday but today we are back to blue skies and warmth, and I am selfish enough to hope that that plus being in Tier 1 won’t attract too many visitors escaping their higher tiers. Anyway, my hairdresser has opened again and I’m off today to have that much needed cut and b/d.


    1. I know, Mari! I only have to look at this on the phone and I’m going ‘oh, no, no no!’ I have several options but none are ‘perfeito’. I can only be grateful that I have a few good friends here to share this with- wind, rain and wildness this afternoon, but still 10 degrees warmer than the UK. Happy new hair do πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


      1. I tweeted a snow photo t this morning! Looks magical but of course, being England the roads are already just slush and no doubt will melt soon! πŸ˜” Just looked at your colour pictures and oh, it looks sublime. I have to return to Lisbon soon and see these for myself! πŸ˜€

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