1. Ahh … Jo, this looks heavenly and what I wouldn’t have done to jump in this tranquil lagoon during the last few days of the heatwave! I love how blue is the predominant colour of your photos … and Portugal, I feel! Hope you’re keeping well, my friend! xx 😀❤️


    1. I love the offshore rocks that make it interesting. We do get whooshy water here when the breeze gets up on an afternoon but it was lovely to watch those waves. It was quite busy with families but we keep an eye on distance and the lifeguards patrol too, all muffled up in hoodies and trackie bottoms. 🤣🤣 I love watching tots tackle the sea 💕

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      1. No problems with parking then? I’m afraid many of our coastal car parks are heaving. I shall just have to bide my time until September.


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