Jo’s Monday walk : From Bay to Beautiful Bay

You’ll be happy to know that I was properly shod for this little expedition.  Relatively speaking, of course!  But then, I wasn’t going to The end of the world.  It’s amazing how far you can actually see, round this wonderful coastline.  The cliffs seem to roll on and on.  Here I’m standing, in the fresh wind I’d been longing for, looking down on Praia do Tonel.  Ahead lies the Sagres promontory.  Behind me, a modest little pottery shop.

The commanding fortress looks out to sea in all directions.  Built in the time of Prince Henry the Navigator, its most distinctive feature is the compass rose, a giant pebble compass, 43 metres in diameter.  Within the fortress, Nossa Senhora de Graca dates from 1579, replacing the original chapel built for Henry in 1459.  He spent much of his later life here, dying in 1460.

The sea sucks greedily at the cliffs, battering its way in on the calmest of days.  It’s a place to be in awe of nature, yet fishermen cast their rods with the nonchalance of familiarity, from the most precarious nooks and crannies in the rock face.

From the solid entrance to the fortress, Rua da Fortaleza gradually dwindles into Sagres, the cobbles culminating in a timeless square, the heart of the community.  My visit coincides with an easing of restrictions related to lockdown and Covid-19.  Caution is in the air and people are sparse, yet there’s a peace and calm to this sun-soaked spot.  It’s not hard to linger here, sheltered from the wind, and indulge and daydream a little.

Reluctantly I move on.  Curving round the cliff tops, views sweep down to Praia da Mareta and across the bay.  The sun is gaining strength as I follow the road past an old school, converted to a café, and a straggle of surf shops, eating establishments and a tiny post office.  The signs are leading me to Praia da Baleeira and the old port.

From here the lookout is to distant Praia do Martinhal.  The bay is protected by the four islets lined up on the horizon.  It’s a bustling port area, temporarily becalmed.  The small cove has tempted just a few to frolic on the sands.

I’m pleasantly tired now, and climb back up the steep cliff, passing the pretty tasca with the incomparable view, to a more modest eatery, where the locals happily pass the time of day.  I try to catch a few scraps of gossip while gazing out across the bay.

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I hope you enjoyed a wander across Sagres.  Even in high summer it’s a place where you need a warm jacket early morning, and certainly when the mist creeps in on an evening.  I’d love to see it with the sea raging and storming those cliffs.  For now I’m content to share a few walks.  Many thanks to all of you who keep them coming.


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Walking doesn’t have to be restricted to Mondays.  Whatever suits you, Colline  🙂

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Rather a lot of shares this week.  Please visit where you can, and apologies for anyone I’ve missed.  I’m temporarily becalmed myself, after a wonderful family visit.  Take care all, and have a good week.


  1. That pottery shop is amazing, I love it when a place goes all out like that. I’m not one for understated haha. It’s so tricky with family visits, isn’t it? I saw my eldest daughter and parents for the first time since lockdown earlier this month and although I loved having them, it meant I had to let them go again. Trying to keep busy and positive and reading about all these lovely walks does help. I appreciate you bringing them together to be shared!

  2. What a beautiful coastline Jo – it looks so serene and idyllic. Lunch looks tasty too 🙂 I can see why Sagres calls people back. Glad you were able to do this little trip and hope all has gone well with your family visitors. Take care and have a lovely week xx

  3. I thought this looks like Sagres 🙂 Doesn’t seem to be windy the day you went. Was that churros with a glass of vinho verde? I’m in the process of moving to Portugal. Hope to see you there someday.

  4. How I love the long coast and blue water! It must have been nice to travel again after a long lockdown. Hope you had a nice weekend with your son and grandson. Family is the comfort we seek in these times! Thanks for this wonderful virtual tour. You’re doing all of us such a favour with your posts! xoxo

    1. It’s only an hour and a half away, at the other end of the Algarve, but it felt very daring at first. 🙂 🙂 Cliffs are always a treat for me, and it shortened the time that we were waiting for family. Thanks, darlin! You are too kind.

  5. The photos are exceptionally stunning, Jo. I immediately breath easier absorbing the coastline and the amazing blue colours. I do recall watching the fisherman when we were in Portugal. It is just a way of life for them. I notice how few people are on the beaches. I love your phrase “pleasantly tired.” Says it all. A very beautiful post!🙂

      1. Not really. May not be till Christmas but we might visit before then. It rather depends if James gets a job and the UK position on quarantine. 🤔💕

  6. What a beautiful walk Jo. The sky looks amazing and everything seems so bright and happy. Love it. Glad you were correctly shod though, the blacksmith must have got his finger out!

    1. Hi Jonno! Total heat haze on the horizon right now. One of the reasons we went to Sagres! That cooling breeze. Hoping to escape for a few days next week
      How are you doing? 🤗🏖️🌊💕

  7. Very nice Portuguese walk again, and now I am deaming of the warm South again because summer 2020 is quite cold here in Central-Europe. But holidays now in Lower-Bavaria with a lot of fresh air are very good for my health, now slowly recovering from cluster headaches attacks. Next station: gothic Naumburg (Saale), UNESCO World Heritage Site, it will become an interesting one-day-walk. 🙂

    1. The best bits of the day are early and late at the moment, Ulli. It’s too hot in the middle, but the breezes at Sagres were wonderfully refreshing. We didn’t take coats, which proved to be a mistake, but one we won’t make again. 🙂 🙂 Have a restful time, and I look forward to walking Naumburg.

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