Six word Saturday

Being here makes my heart happy

I’m sure you can see why.  Access to the beaches in Portugal has been restored, with a few restrictions.  Happiness beckons!  Enjoy your Saturday, and don’t forget to share Six Words with Debbie.



  1. Feeling better now? Nothing like a beach on a sunny day to cheer one up, especially an empty beach, but like Janet said, I fear people will soon start flocking back. A short drive to this one then?


    1. We were at Cacela Velha on Friday. It’s about 15 minutes drive. Such a natural, lovely spot. Still got the same issues and a throbbing finger but we met 2 friends for a walk this morning, which was nice to do. 🤗💕

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  2. I can see (sea?) why you like it there, Jo. And to me it’s even better with so few people. In many of the places here that have opened the beaches, people have swarmed to them just like before C-19. Sigh. That doesn’t bode well, but we’ll see how things go.



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