A cup of coffee and a book

I have been intrigued by Sue’s series A Cup of Coffee and a Book.  They are both things that I am seldom without when I’m at home.  It’s hotting up in my part of the world and a shady corner is becoming essential.  Sue is far more talented with her camera than me and has managed to include herself in some of the images.  When Debbie joined in, I knew I had to have a go.  Both ladies are an inspiration.  Take a look!


  1. Drinking tea right now and getting ready to do some reading myself. I like the way the sun makes the back of your photo just fade away. And what fun with your one lemon.



      1. I never drink tea but sometimes when one’s with strangers tea is produced unasked and I don’t like to say no but I can say “no milk please” (we’re still in the UK so lemons for tea are not usually presented)! I’m a coffee drinker, always, black no sugar, although I do like a glass of full-fat milk for lunch!

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    1. It was slow getting into but I’m at the stage where it is hotting up in Vienna for the Jews, and it’s a different aspect than I have read before, so interesting on that level. It was gifted me in a bag of books when our library closed so I can’t claim prior knowledge, Margaret. And I should be working on tomorrow’s walk! Ah… later 🙂 🙂 I’d rather talk to you.

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