Six word Saturday

No beach walks until June 1st!

The State of Emergency in Portugal is to be lifted from Monday, 4th May, in gradual stages.  I’m not happy that beaches won’t reopen until 1st June.

I’ll just have to make do!  There are worse places to be, and plenty of curves and clouds to play with.  2020 Photo Challenge #17

So many varieties!  Thanks, Jude!  Or you can always be playful with Debbie’s wonderful Six Words.  Either way, have a great weekend!



  1. gorgeous photos! social distancing could be a difficult task on the beach, but i’m glad you’re able to find a way to still enjoy your days! thanks for sharing, stay safe🤍

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍


  2. You seem to have found enough beauty in your own backyard, Jo. June will be here before we know it! We can’t camp in our seasonal windsurfing campground, but the county park has been open and we spent the day there Saturday. Easy to social distance out on the water, and even so in the day camp areas. Hang in there and enjoy every day!


    1. Hi Terri 🤗. Yes, it’s a lovely part of the world. We walked this morning but it’s getting hot and I’ve spent the afternoon in the shade looking at old postcards. I could lose a couple of weeks doing this, I think 🤣💕

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  3. That’s frustrating Jo but glimmers of hope I guess with the lifting of the State of Emergency. Here we are also starting to lift restrictions though am well aware we have been fortunate here in WA not to have had total lockdown just strict social distancing. Starting from last Monday groups of up to 10 people have been able to catch up socially both indoors or outside – you don’t have to be related so now you can start to see friends again. The idea is that with the strict border controls here and the successful flattening of the curve they can get the local economy in Perth kickstarted as obviously these shut downs are causing other widespread implications. So there is talk of opening cafes and restaurants reasonably soon for dine- in patrons not just takeaways or home deliveries as is the case now. All WA hospitality workers will have to do a mandatory online Covid 19 course to able to work. Of course it won’t be the same as before but it’s a start and fingers crossed we can move cautiously forward. The borders will remain shut indefinitely though – that will likely be the last of the restrictions to be lifted and really who knows how travel may look even if we are allowed to leave the state or the country. I’m just putting all thoughts of that out of my mind for now and supporting the family overseas as best as one can with Skype, Facetime etc. Anyway hope all is well with you and take cafe xx


  4. You’re blessed to have what you do, Jo, but I understand. Hopefully the gradual opening in so many places won’t result in another round of sickness. Not sure about that, though.



  5. I think I could make do with walks where you are, at least you have water to walk around. I just have to look from afar, though I might attempt a wee walk on a beach next week if the weather plays ball. Thank you for all the curves. I hope one day you can introduce me to some of these lanes and walks in person.


    1. As I just said to Meg, where I am in all this… it’s not so far short of heaven. But there’s a very big but, and it has nothing to do with beaches.


      1. Well, at the minute, but within a week or two…. A flight away is a whole different game. Especially if I still had to self isolate at the end of it. Working on them coming here late July… 🙂 🙂


  6. Beautiful waterscape and flowers. But I understand a desire for what you can’t have. I’m feeling a slight urge towards river or other tranquil waters, although I’m hardly beached-out. Here we’re lucky – lots of income support for example. But plenty of people are in the position of your son, really shut in. And children doing school at home and parents working from home aren’t comfortable companions: I know people who are finding this very difficult. Stay safe.


    1. My worst fear for James is that he will lose his job through this, Meg. Just when they are house hunting and looking to get married. Please God, I’m wide of the target. There are many here who can’t manage more weeks without income. We do our best to support, but it’s demeaning and not what they want. They need to move on and live their lives. We can’t live in fear of a second outbreak forever. But it’s strange how your outlook changes after just a few weeks of ‘social distance’. 😦


    1. I know! But it’s hard to explain the difference, Tina. The Portuguese rarely go to the beach before June, but it’s perfect weather right now. I don’t want to share it with the tourists, when they are allowed to return. So selfish! 🙂 🙂


  7. The same in Ireland. Our lockdown has been extended for another two weeks before everything gradually opens 🙈 traveling within the country only possible in August if the numbers are good. I’m gonna go crazy, but I guess there’s no other way how to deal with the virus. Take care


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