Room at the top

I could well have called this Top Specimen?  I have one that I was gifted but it’s now looking a shadow of its former self.  I have high hopes for mine’s recovery, one of these days, but if it ever looks like this I’ll be thrilled.  Meanwhile, in Praca Dr. António Padinha in Tavira, there is a wonderful old building.  Yes, it’s one of many that need renovation, but if you have a few pennies to spare?  Top project!  The location is perfect.



  1. Love those balconies! If only I had the money to restore a grand old building like this. As for Poinsettias, they are only good as trees, I loathe the pot plants sold at Christmas. I hope yours bucks up! Maybe give it a good talking to!


      1. Because they are trees, not pot plants and often covered in glitter! Sometimes you have to be firm with plants or they take advantage 🙃


    1. Normally we’ve just bought them as a Christmas plant and said farewell when they wilted, but they grow here as a small tree, and I’m desperate for ours to thrive. I’ll go and talk to it 🙂 🙂


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