Cranes over the Top

I had to include this one for Becky.  The Military Bridge in Tavira, a ‘temporary structure’ for 29 years, is finally making way for something sleeker and more modern.  From a health and safety point of view, definitely an improvement.  Aesthetically speaking, time will tell…



  1. You cranes fooled me, Jo 😂 They are good elements in a picture, fingers crossed the final result blend in well. Dublin looks good with some old and very modern bridges.

    1. The old bridge was full of holes and no longer an asset, Dina. Interested to see how this will look. And thank you, yes, the plant is growing new shoots every day 😁🌱💕

  2. Oh, I got really excited by your post title, but … wrong sort of cranes. Never mind, this is a striking image, and you’ve definitely got your sun back.

      1. We’ve been very fortunate on our trips to Alentejo – stunning region. Must spend more time there once this is all over 🙂

    1. I’m actually glad it’s happening now while there are no tourists about. Michael is fascinated by the engineering and drags me past at regular intervals. I just hope it’s going to ‘blend’. 🙂 🙂

      1. ooh how odd . . I just presumed you were putting two in for some reason. Don’t worry, now I know I’ll just archive one of them 🙂

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