Jo’s Monday walk : Back to the salt pans

I make no apologies for being back among the salt marshes today, for they always captivate me.  Especially when powder puff clouds drift away to the horizon in a pure blue sky, or luxuriate in salty sand puddles.  It’s a landscape that changes mood with the weather; sullen and drab, until the sun sweeps aside the muted colours, bathing them, and me, in warmth and light.

As with Changing Reality I’m heading for the sea, but this time in an easterly direction, towards the small resort, Cabanas.  A cycle path renders this area a hazard to walkers in peak times, but today I’m breaking new ground for me and striking out into the marshes.

You probably don’t recognise the cyclist’s bridge over the River Almargem from this angle, dwarfed as it is by the railway bridge.  I always hope to catch a train trundling across, but it never happens.  Turning my back on the bridges, I follow the river.  Far better than trains, I have the prospect of flamingos in this calm stretch of water.  And sure enough, there they are!  Tiny at first, in the distance.

I hope to startle them a little, for they are beautiful in flight, but they remain oblivious and eventually I tear myself away.  The way ahead looks promising.  Behind me, a shimmering lagoon of water.  The flamingos, mere specks.

I follow the curve of the rough path, towards the open sea at first, but then curving back around the salt pans.

The sludge and caramel colours and soft reflections blend together with the azure sky.

As I near the salt mountain I wonder at the giant ‘needle’ suspended in the sand.  We’re approaching my Hula ladies again, graceful in the breeze.

There are two choices now- a return via the Salinas estate, or to continue on towards Fort Rato and back into Tavira that way.  I opt for the first, and am gratified to snatch a photo of the train hurtling along.

One last look from the cyclist’s bridge and home to put the kettle on, another 9 or 10km completed.  I’m sure there must be cake as a reward.  I’m linking again with Jude’s #2020 Photo Challenge.  This week she’s looking at curved lines and I feel sure I have a number here.  No squares for me today, but #SquareTops does share a strong connection with salt.

walking logo

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I hope you found something to enjoy here with me today.  I’ll be back walking next Monday.  Stay safe till then!


  1. It is nice to look at the places, or pictures of places, that we enjoy going out and seeing, and experiencing. I hope we get that back this summer sometime. I lived through the Mt. St. Helens eruption. We lost a whole summer that year. It might be that way with the virus too. Either way, thanks for the ride. I enjoyed being the passenger looking through your window.


    1. It was good to have your company. My daughter, in England, is very pessimistic about the timescale we need to get over this virus. I hope she’s wrong. 😦


  2. Delightful photographs, quite uplifting in these trying times. I’m limited in my walks around here as I’m not too agile these days but we are still allowed to walk on the beach which seems to attract more oil daily due to the number of ships that are lying in our bay as they can’t unload at Portsmouth & Southampton. Your clouds are lovely and reminded me of our first long haul flight when my husband became so besotted with the clouds viewed from above that he wasted a whole slide film on them, a precious commodity in those days when you couldn’t easily pick up supplies abroad. Remember those days? Or are you too young!


    1. Too young? I can’t remember what young feels like, Mari 🤣💕 Back then Mick took the photos with his Brownie and I posed or kept out of the way, whichever was required. 😏 I’m still capable of taking heaps of photos from a plane window in the hopes I’ll get a really good one 💕


    1. Of course they do! You know how liberal I am with ‘rules’. Can’t go breaking other people’s and stamp your foot on your own patch 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the link, hon. We too are starting to feel restrained but I think heat will slow us down this week.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I thought perhaps there were never any trains, and then you catch one. Its graffiti is quite New York style. And what a lovely walk, Jo – I am so missing seeing some views like that – in fact, just something different would be good.


    1. We are spoilt rotten, aren’t we? But still feeling the strait jacket 🙂 🙂 We went in search of pastures new today and overreached ourselves a bit. 12km of hilly and Mick got stung twice byy a bee. No wonder he’s happy to stay at home with cake 🙂


  4. I love the flamingos and the dancing ladies. How I wish I had such a beautiful place to walk. It’s all forests here, and neighborhoods of big houses, not all that interesting. I told Mike we should go stay in an Airbnb somewhere in the mountains or at the beach, just so we’d have some change of scenery. But alas, he must work, and we are here to stay. Thanks for taking us along on this gorgeous walk, and for the link as well. Happy day, Jo!


    1. I do know how lucky we are in choosing this place, Cathy. We’re just back from 12 km in the hills. A bit of a stretch but a beautiful day, till Mick got stung by a bee. Twice! 🙄💕


      1. Oh no! I’m sorry about Mick getting stung. Ouch! But the 12 km walk sounds wonderful. I’m off to walk now, before it rains (again), but I must bundle up first. Enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Pingback: Dolphin Watch
    1. I’m a bit jealous of it, Lynn. On Sunday we touched on a small part of this walk and it was busy with walkers! Well… busy for this part of the world. I was a little bit cross 🙂 🙂


  6. A lovely way to spend some time, Jo, maintaining social isolation and getting some exercise. I’m trying to imagine you standing on the bank, waving your arms at those flamingoes. It’s easier to visualise you eating cake. 🙂


    1. Oh, don’t, Draco! Before all this started we used to walk 4 or 5 times a week, ending with cake. Now we walk 7 days a week. Can you see where this is leading? 😦 A rounder restless person.


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