Six word Saturday

Which one makes the better square?

There’s a cycle path from Tavira to neighbouring Cabanas, and this bridge spans the narrow River Almargem along the way.  It struck me as perfect, in the original, for Jude’s #2020PhotoChallenge on converging lines.  But it works as squares too, don’t you think?  Up and over the Top!  We’ll be passing this way on my Monday walk.  Meanwhile, have you got Six Words to shed a little light for Debbie?



  1. Seems the sky one is getting most of the votes and I have to add mine to that as well. There’s something about an unending sky that always appeals and the blueness with the white clouds makes it even more appealing.


  2. I love the variety of opinions, all strongly felt. 🙂 I think it depends on what the photographer wants to communicate. I have a slight preference for the sky shot after many hours indoors. Great question!


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