On Top of the World

It was a strange day.  We had driven back from the north east of Portugal, and decided to spend a night in Serpa before returning to our Algarve home.  When we ventured out next morning the whole place was deserted, closing down as the virus approached.  No possibility of visiting the Museum of Watches, as planned, but we were delighted to find the castle walls still accessible.  A grey mist hung over the town, adding to the sombreness of the mood.  Gradually it lifted and, for a moment, we were feeling on top of the world.



  1. Those clotheslines in Spain and Portugal, always seem to bring me back to the reality that when visiting various villages this is their home, not just a group of old historical buildings.


  2. Nice to get this stop in before being more or less confined. 🙂 May I have a glass of red as well, although with the heat here, white would probably be more appropriate. But I do like red. Happy weekend, Jo. See you Monday for a walk.



      1. Huh! Don’t mention the C word. Now would be a good time for someone to look at it while we have dry weather! Plus a leak in the house roof… 😰


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