The topic is Easter

I need to fill my world with beauty and music this Easter Sunday.  And Easter eggs, of course!  No, I know these aren’t square, so perhaps I should say eggs squared.  Not scrambled or fried, but possibly boiled.  Or painted, like these lovely traditional Polish eggs I’ve owned since my very first visit to Poland.  Thinking of my Polish family, my English family, my blogging friends, who might as well be family, and all of those I can’t be with today.  God bless, and keep you!



  1. Haha, so many variety with eggs! Something often overlooked. They birth life and are consumed. They are sought after and protected. They provide energy and excitement. 🙂
    This will be our first holiday in isolation. Fitting that it’s Easter, huh?
    Exciting and new times. Lots of opportunities here. From financial to self-growth.
    Some will utilize the opportunity, other’s won’t.
    I’ve shared my own thoughts on how recently.
    I think utilizing this Easter as a way to connect with friends and family in a meaningful and perhaps new way will make it a memorable one.
    Wonderful post, thank you for sharing! 🙂

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  2. What gorgeous eggs these are Jo. Few and far between in my household this year, as neither of my boys like Easter chocolate but we still had a great day. Happy Easter to you, with love 💙🐣🎵

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  3. These are beautiful eggs Jo and this is a heartfelt and lovely message. The world is definitely changing, maybe it will become a simpler and more community focused world, eventually.. I walked round the streets this evening and saw families playing ball out on the streets, riding bikes, messages of love chalked on sidewalks, people smiling and saying “hello” and carefully moving to a “social distance” as we pass each other. I’m hopeful for the future Jo. Stay safe my lovely blogging buddy.

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    1. Of course, the ‘day’ is almost over for you, Pauline. I woke up feeling glum but I’ve got Simon and Garfunkle (and the washing machine 🙂 ) serenading me and it will be beautiful up on the roof. Thanks, lovely lady!

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  4. Happy Easter Jo. Have a lovely egg-filled day. Sad to think of all of those families and children missing out on parties and easter egg hunts but I’m sure they’ll all get together very soon.

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