My Top View of Tavira

A little tenuous, this one, but it’s a view I love.  Church ‘on top’ of a hill.  The Ponte Romana, ‘atop’ the River Giláo.

It’s a good follow up to yesterday, and I’m hoping Becky will like it.  It’s all getting a little crazy over at her #SquareTops.


  1. Not sure which is more uplifting – the blue, blue sky or the white, white walls! I’m sure being surrounded by pretty sights helps keep the spirits up.

  2. Such a gorgeous place where you live Jo. It does my heart good to see such beauty on a dull day with snow again in the forecast. Stay well my friend. XO

  3. And all topped off by those wonderful fluffy white clouds (and if I hear you moaning about the rain any more I shall be coming over there to slap your face with a wet kipper 🐟) 😁😄😛

    1. A girl;s allowed a bit of a moan. Especially when she’s in serious pain, and trying to smile. The kipper would be welcome but you’d have to do the cooking.

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