Six word Saturday

Top of the morning to you!

What says it better than flowers?  You have to admit, these are show-s’top’pers, Becky?  All fresh from my garden, and all Square!  A bouquet for your lovely Mum.  And what can you say about Debbie’s Six Words today?  So that’s where all the loo rolls went?  Happy Saturday, everyone!



  1. Lovely red-orange lily. Do you get lily beetles over there? And I spy a Strelitzia behind it – now that is a plant I would love to have. South Africa in an instance. And what is the orange flower? I recognise it, but the name is not coming to mind.


    1. Ornithogalum Dubium- darn silly name! 😊 The Strelitzia has a funny story. They had plastic ones in our local garden centre and Marie bought one thinking it genuine. I said we’d just bought one from the same place and I’d better check. Phew! It’s real. Would never have lived it down otherwise. It’s getting well watered lately! Never mind – we’re supposed to stay home 🤣🤣


      1. Star of Bethlehem and also from South Africa. You are making me very nostalgic, but that is one country I wouldn’t want to be in right now.


      2. You rebel you! Do take care though, this is a nasty illness and although you may think of yourself as a spring chicken I hate to disillusion you 🐣🐥🐤🐔 Hope all is well with the family back here, fortunately at the moment Cornwall is doing better than some places. But if visitors begin to arrive (they are not supposed to) then that could well change.


      3. Best thing to do. Portugal seems quite low though. Let’s hope it stays that way. I’m still fancying a visit to your neck of the woods when this is all over!


    1. Jude actually prompted the post with a chance comment. I realised I hadn’t shared flowers for a while and Becky’s mum was a deserving recipient, Margaret. Off for a tramp in the woods? (leave him alone, says a voice in my head 🙂 🙂 )

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