1. So, we’re all going to church are we? Being Palm Sunday and all that. I guess all your Easter processions have been cancelled? It’s going to be a very weird Easter in the Catholic world. And just to cheer you up I have some of your rain! I don’t mind though because the pots have been so dry I have had to get out there and water them!


    1. Well, it won’t do you any harm, Jude. I don’t mind singing a few hymns 🙂 🙂 And yes, a very strange Easter. I’m thinking the Pope will be talking to himself up there on his balcony (well, apart from the millions on TV) Sorry about the rain- I thought we were keeping it to ourselves.

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    1. I’m finding the likes come up once I leave a comment on someone else’s post, Brian. WP seems to be under stress. 🙂 🙂 Not on its own! Thanks, darlin!


  2. Morning, Jo. These hints are pretty, even the chubby cherub . You find these religious artifacts in churches but also as decoration on and in buildings such as a house. When I was a youngster the aunt of a girlfriend had a fresco on the ceiling in the hallway with cherubs and an angel. So surprise me, girl. Have a lovely Sunday ♥️🤗


    1. Thanks, Francina! Yes, a nice form of decoration. If I were better with a paint brush… 🙂 🙂 Actually my daughter is very gifted in that direction and has beautifully hand painted living room walls.


      1. Oops that one went too fast.. As I said it must be wonderful to be so gifted as your daughter. I am no star either with a paint brush, my cherubs would be stick figures. 😁 Be well, my friend 🤗❤️


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