1. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all share cake together. Since the blue and brown chair seem to be spoken for, perhaps the proprietor could pull up another…it looks to be a very friendly place.

      1. We are doing OK. I think we found a decent camping spot for a little while – if we find fresh water in a few days – in South Carolina. Time to catch up on emails, blog reading, and other stuff. And not be too bugged by the bugs. 🙂

  2. I’ve tea here and no cake 😦 that eclair does look this biz Jo you temptress you … and so LARGE … it looks like it could fall off the screen . * Poppy wishes
    Seriously now .. glad you’re still getting out and about x
    We’re obeying instructions and enjoying the view TO the hills from home instead of being up there on them . It also means some much needed work is happening on and off in the garden I’ve thoughts of getting some tomato plants and a few vegetables growing this year now we won’t be gadding off anywhere soon . Keep safe Jo and make sure the vino doesn’t run out 😉

    1. Vino… Yes, that’s a bit of a problem, Poppy 🤣🤣. We don’t have a garden to play in, just the roof terrace and patio. I’ve moved the plants around almost every day. The country lanes are only a few minutes walk from us and so far we haven’t been told not to go out for exercise, in moderation. No advice yet regarding drinking 🤣. Stay safe and occupied, hon. You have your art work 💕

  3. Limited options for cake here! But wow that first pic of that layered confectionery looks divine. Excuse my indulgence bringing back mouth-watering memories- a visit to Betty’s Tea Shop in Ilkley on travels through the Yorkshire Moors …. what an institution for traditional afternoon teas in fine style …. I had a slice of Endagine (sp?) cake – it lives on in memory – out of this world!
    Keep strong and healthy through these uncertain times.

    1. Thanks darlin! Yes, Betty’s are a legend, though an expensive one these days. Prices in Portugal are a world apart. Take good care of yourself too, and thanks for stopping by 🤗💕

  4. Jo, I could sit for awhile sipping an expresso with a view like that. Though I will say no to the cake as I sit on my hands to stop any temptation 🙂

  5. Too much talk here about cakes and baking. No wonder I can’t find any flour or eggs! You’re all at it! Anyway if I bake cakes or scones or even biscuits or chocolate brownies then we have to eat it and that’s not good. But flour for the occasional pizza would be nice and eggs so we can have an omelette for dinner – eggs are a huge part of our diet!

    I’ll happily take that blue chair, and I want to know what is inside that eclair – doesn’t look like cream. 🍰

      1. Oh, OK, that sounds fine. No I know you’ve not been hoarding flour. Wine maybe. 😅 Are you still managing to get a walk in?

      2. I wish we could hoard wine. Somebody appears to be drinking it? 10 km yesterday in the countryside quite close by. Found some lovely wild orchids. Starting to be a worry that the police might stop you but we go to pretty quiet places. Not sounding great over there! I worry for the youngsters. Keep your head down, lass! 💕

      3. Yes, the police are on the look out here, not worth the risk. We have our local lanes and the hill, though that seems to be attracting visitors. And I have been busy in the garden. I am quite happy on the blogs. But a little worried that I am going to find my own challenge difficult in the coming months! I really wanted new photos, but that’s looking less likely.

      4. Ah, but you’re a resourceful woman 🙂 🙂 I don’t have a system to control my archives- no surprise there!- so finding useful old material is something I’m rarely up for.

      5. I just create a new folder each month and then folders within for the different places I have taken photos of. So this month I have only RM (home), SOS (the garden meme), Trengwainton and The Hill.

    1. I haven’t seen flour or many bags of pasta for weeks. Not that I bake many cakes, mainly muffins. One small bag will just have to do us—plenty of eggs at our local supermarkets.

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