1. I can see me on that balcony/terrace with a pot of coffee and a cake, maybe not one like yours which looks too sweet for me but I’m quite partial to a pastel de nata (havr I got that right)? Keep well, keep healthy.

    1. It was a lovely terrace, Mari. The café didn’t sell many cakes, but who needs to with a view like that? (some of our friends would disagree 🙂 🙂 ) There were some nice scone type biscuits made with chestnuts- you might have liked those.

  2. Cake looks delicious, it’s unseasonable warm here with summer temps so I have avoided putting the oven on, but certainly have eaten enough snacks during this lock down

      1. Yes I am. Currently doing a lot of Zumba to help relieve the stress. Also I am working on connecting with my students so that is good. Also managed to speak to one of my colleagues yesterday 🙂
        How are you doing Jo?

  3. Bakeries are still open (only to buy not to eat on the premises) you’ve inspired me to get dressed and get something for the afternoon coffee. 🙂

      1. I’ve seen a post somewhere – how will you come out of isolation? The options were: a) broke b) divorced c) pregnant d) fat e) summer ready f) alcoholic g) mad. So far, the odds are on d).

  4. I enjoyed this. Can’t stop though. I’m off to make a cake for our virtual coffee morning at 11.00. It’s such a shame that everyone will just have to watch me eating it…

      1. Nah, not Victoria Sponge. I have a lot of lemons rather reaching their sell-by date, but I can’t help thinking something worthier might be in order, to convince myself it’s food, not indulgence. Let’s see.

    1. Ours are still open. The Portuguese have a habit of shopping daily for their bread. It doesn’t keep or freeze well. After breakfast I might just send him along. Chocolate cake? 🙂 🙂

      1. Years ago at work it was tradition on your birthday to buy cream cakes for the office, I always had a sausage roll instead. I am not so fond of cake so I like the view.

      2. Good man, Andrew! It was a beautiful view 🙂 🙂 I remember those days too. I do like a nice scone, but it can be a cheese savoury one.

      3. Not really stocking much more than usual, Andrew. I have the makings of half a dozen dinners, but we have the odd ‘takeaway’ from one of our local restaurants. It’s good to give them a bit of trade if we can. 🙂 🙂 How about you? Bet the pantry’s brimming!

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