Not so peaceful… Moncarapacho

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Last day of Carnival 2020 and Moncarapacho was making the most of it.  My Dad loved a party!  It would have been his birthday today and I’m smiling as I think of him, tapping his stick and nodding his head to the music.


  1. Oh my goodness … those costumes are something else! I admire the creativity and construction, but there is something a tiny bit unsettling about them, too. They are just so … MUCH!


  2. Wow, Jo, your photos capturing this festive occasion are fabulous. They really convey the energy here. And so nice to have happy memories of your party-loving father. I’m sure you miss him always. Hugs. 🙂


    1. It’s hard to think that he died back in 2016, Cathy. Seems so long ago but I have some amazing memories to look back on. Strange that his birthday coincided with Carnival this year. We went to this more local one and to the grand event at Loule. A peaceful day or two now 🤗💕


      1. Wow, it’s been four years then. How the time flies. You have many happy memories of him, so you will cherish those forever. You’re so lucky to have had such a wonderful father. Sounds like you enjoyed all the local Carnival parties. 🙂


  3. Jo, what an incredible carnival – the floats and costumes are incredible! I love how everyone is in the spirit of the event and it seems such a celebration of life! Not an easy day for you today, my friend … I hope thinking about how your Dad would have loved this party is of some comfort. hugs xx ❤️


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